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New Minimalist Wallets Will Help You Ditch Your Phone Wallet Case



While it’s tempting to make your phone case your wallet, there’s still nothing better than a great wallet. Waterfield Designs announced two new wallets to kick off what they are calling Wallet Month. This March we will see a total of six new wallets from their crowdsourced wallet project. This is the sixth crowdsourced project from Waterfield, in which they  take feedback from users to design new products.

The first new minimalist wallets, the Minemo and the Clyff which start at $49 and $39 respectively. The Minemo is available in leather or Italian Waxed Canvas and is also available with RFID blocking for an extra $10. You can order the Minemo and Clyff starting today and they ship next Friday.

The Minemo wallet offers three pockets for cards and cash and still fits into your front pocket. This wallet folds open in the center for two of the card slots. There are three oil tanned leather color options and three Italian waxed canvas colors. One of the pockets is on the outside of the wallet for easy access to frequently used cards or your ID.

The Clyff is a more minimalist wallet that looks like a great front pocket wallet for low need users. Y0u can get this in three leather color options, but there is no RFID blocking. The two outer pockets can hold a card each and the center pocket can hold cash, more cards or other small items. The wallet is quite thin and a nice option for users looking for a small wallet.

“By tapping into customers’ experiences and creativity, we can develop products that more precisely fit their needs,” explained company owner, Gary Waterfield. “For this, our sixth crowdsourced design project, we asked participants what they like and dislike about their current wallets and what new features they wish for. We kept participants updated as we moved from ideas to prototypes to final designs, gathering feedback along the way. Bringing end-users into the creation process this way leads customers to feel a sense of ownership over the designs they then carry every day.”

Waterfield Designs will announce two new classic wallets next week, two options for specialized uses the week after and then finish up with refreshes to current wallet designs.

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