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New Nexus 7 Kicks Old Model Out of Play Store



Those looking to buy the older Nexus 7 will no longer be able to do so on the Google Play Store as the new Nexus 7 has emerged today, replacing the older Nexus 7 which had been on sale since July of last year.

Last July, Google released the Nexus 7, a collaboration with Asus and its first Nexus-branded tablet. The device and its 7-inch display became a success thanks to its vanilla Android software, its portability, its high-end hardware and its cheap price tag. Until today, the device had been available on the Google Play Store. No longer.

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The old Nexus 7 is no longer available on Google Play.

The old Nexus 7 is no longer available on Google Play.

The familiar Nexus 7 section on Google Play Store has been replaced by a splash page for the new Nexus 7 which will be arriving on shelves come July 30th. It will be sold through the Google Play Store, like the original Nexus 7 and it looks like its arrival has pushed the older model out of the Google Play Store for good.

While the Nexus 7 still is visible on Google’s website, there is no longer an option to buy the older models, leaving those hoping for a discount or those uninterested in the new Nexus 7 without an option to buy. While Google has not yet confirmed anything, we imagine that the Nexus 7 won’t make a return to the Google Play Store.

The old Nexus 7 is no longer available on Google Play.

The new Nexus 7 will be out on July 30th.

This means that those looking to snag the older model will need to head to a local retailer before stock dries up. The device has been deeply discounted through retailers like OfficeMax and Staples though once stock dries up, we imagine that the device will get taken down. Already, we’ve seen the device disappear through Best Buy’s website.

The new Nexus 7 is likely the more enticing of the two as it comes with a number of significant upgrades including a new slimmer design, a better display, faster processor, rear camera, and LTE data speeds.

It does, however, come with a more expensive price tag as it features a $230 starting price as opposed to the familiar $200 price tag of the older Nexus 7. The 32GB Nexus 7 will check in at $270 while the LTE model will arrive with a $350 price tag. The Wi-Fi only models roll out on July 30th while the LTE model touches down in the coming weeks.

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