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New Nexus Phone Launch Date: What Not to Expect



In just a few short days, on October 29th, Google will be taking the stage in New York City to reveal its latest Android creation or creations. One of those creations is likely going to be the new Nexus phone which is rumored to be called the LG Nexus 4. The device has leaked out numerous times over the past few weeks, so many times, that we now have a clear vision about to expect from it. But what about the event itself? Here, we take a closer look at our expectations for the new Nexus phone event.

October 29th is going to be quite the day in the mobile world. T-Mobile has an event planned, Microsoft will be showing off Windows Phone 8 and likely announcing a release date and Google will be taking the stage to talk Android. And while we’re excited about all three, here, we want to talk about Google’s event which could produce quite a few new products.

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Google will be hosting an event on October 29th where it will likely detail the next Nexus phone.

As of yet, Google hasn’t detailed its yearly Nexus smartphone, a device that in the past, has been made by HTC and Samsung. This year though, it’s looking like it will be made by LG and possibly called the Nexus 4.

Prior to its reveal, the new Nexus phone has leaked out several times, revealing itself to the world. It will apparently feature a 4.7-inch display, quad-core processor, and perhaps, a new version of Android to go along with its Nexus qualities.

However, that’s not all we’re expecting from Google on October 29th. In fact, in a sister post, we revealed what you should expect from Google’s new Nexus phone event in New York City. Now? It’s time to take a look at what you shouldn’t expect from the event on October 29th.

A Dull Event

While some Android events are extremely dull, and consist of men in suits talking about specifications of devices while making promises for the future, do not expect the same from this Google event. This is going to be one of Google’s biggest events of the year and because it’s situated so close to the holiday season and the release of the iPhone 5, it’s going to need to make a splash of some kind.

I’m not saying I am expecting a giant Android to dance on stage or Vic Gundotra and company to sing Gangnam Style on stage (though both remain a possibility), but I expect there to be some surprises – maybe the Nexus Q re-release or maybe even something that we haven’t heard about yet, and maybe something to do with Google Glasses.

Right now, it looks like Google might cover quite a bit in terms of hardware and software, making this a much watch for both Android enthusiasts and those who are thinking about hopping aboard the bandwagon.

Lack of Nexus 4 Info

While most of Google’s Nexus 4 is already out in the open, don’t expect Google to leave any stone unturned at the new Nexus phone launch event. Instead, we expect to hear everything you want to know about the device.

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Expect Google to leave no stone unturned when revealing the Galaxy Nexus successor.

And because we haven’t heard of a 4G LTE device rumored, that could include a concrete release date for the device which has been rumored to be hitting the Google Play Store on October 29th. We should hear about pricing as well. Google will want to get this phone out in time for the holiday season and hopefully, it understands that consumers need this information prior to the end of the shopping season.

Hopefully. At the very least, expect to hear all about the new Nexus.

4G LTE Nexus Release Date

Thus far, we haven’t heard about a Nexus 4 that will be heading to carriers in the United States. We have heard though, that it may end up on SFR in France which could mean it will head to specific carriers in the U.S. at some point.


If there is a 4G LTE enabled Nexus 4, don’t expect a release date at the event.

If that’s the case, and it will arrive for carriers, don’t expect a specific release date. Instead, look for Google to give out the old vague “it will be launching in December” or “in the coming weeks.”

Carriers have a habit of sabotaging Android launches (see the Galaxy Note 2 launch in the U.S) and even the Nexus isn’t safe.

New Nexus Phone Only

While the event may be centered around the new Nexus phone, don’t expect it to hog the spotlight. Google is rumored to be announcing three new Nexus 7 models in the $99 Nexus 7, 32GB Nexus 7 and a 3G Nexus 7. The 32GB Nexus 7 looks like it’s extremely likely while the other two remain possibilities.

Again, we could also see the relaunch of the Nexus Q, a device that Google showed off at Google I/O but quickly cancelled, and we might also see something else announced as well.


Don’t not expect the Nexus 7 to get an upgrade.

There are also rumors of multiple Nexus smartphones, made by HTC, Sony and Samsung, but as of yet, none of those have emerged.

In addition, the Nexus 10 tablet, rumored to be from Samsung, leaked out again today and there still is a chance that it could join the new Nexus phone and Nexus 7 on stage at the event.

A Wildly Different Version of Android

Rumor has it, Google will be announcing a new version of Android, possibly called Android 4.2. It’s unclear if it will be under the Jelly Bean flag or if it will be called something else entirely.

Whatever the case may be, don’t expect it to be wildly different from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the software that was released less than six months ago. If anything, it will add a few new features and improve upon Jelly Bean.

If you’re looking for a massive upgrade, you’re likely going to have to wait until Android 5.0 and Google I/O 2013.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Adam

    10/20/2012 at 7:18 am

    I understand he carrier comment, but if they don’t a least announce what US carriers will receive the nexus phone, even if the release date is vague, they will be making a huge mistake if they are trying to maket nexus to the masses.

    I have an upgrade at VZW and am waiting for Googles announcement before purchasing. If there is not even a hint at VZW getting a nexus, thn I’m not gonna continue to wait and hope. I’ll get my phone. I’m more than willing to wait even a month or perhaps more if I know it’s coming.

    I know people complain about carrier interference when it comes to nexus phones, and I know it was a struggle for the GNex on VZW, but it still got updates ahead of any other android on VZW. I would greatly prefer vanilla android to anything else. I understand google wanting to have an unlocked phone, but why punish others of us who have no choice but VZW if we want reliable, fast coverage.

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