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New Touch Gestures Revealed in Apple Patent



Patently Apple points to some new patent information from Apple that shows some possible (and potentially powerful) new touch gestures. The concepts behind these patents make good sense to me.

First up is what is labeled as Swipe and Hold. The user swipes in a direction but leaves the finger on the screen. Data then moves across the screen in the direction of the swipe.

And then there is Hold and Swipe. As described it sounds like the result if similar. A user holds down a finger on the screen then swipes in a given direction. Once the finger is lifted off the screen the data moves across the screen until the screen is touch again. The example used here is looking at a picture of an individual. Once the picture is touched and that gesture held, swiping left or right would then cycle through or move through a collection of pictures of that individual.

It looks like the accelerometer comes into play with both gestures, potentially using it to alter the rate that the data (images) are moving across the screen.

This makes sense when viewing pictures, but also when viewing a collection of documents. Of course who knows when we might see this, if ever, added into the multi-touch universe.

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