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Nextworth Offers $250 for iPhone 4 Until iPhone 5 Annoucement



If you are planning to purchase an iPhone 5 on release day, you can get a good deal on your old iPhone 4 if you sell it to Nextworth.

Up until Apple announces the iPhone 5, Nextworth is guarantees $250 for 16Gb and 32GB iPhone 4 models on AT&T. In order to take advantage of this deal your iPhone 4 must be in good condition, with no heavy scratches or cracks.

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iPhone 4 trade in

Get an extra $50 on your iPhone 4 Trade in at Nextworth.

This is a very good price for a “good” quality iPhone 4, beating Gazelle’s currently quoted price for a 16Gb iPhone 4 on AT&T by almost $100.

The sooner you sell your iPhone 4, the more money you can get. The best time to sell was probably a week ago, so $250 is a nice offer.

You don’t have to send your iPhone 4 in right away. After you lock in your price on Nextworth you have 21 days to send in your iPhone. This means that you can lock in your price today, or right before the iPhone 5 is announced and keep it until after the iPhone 5 release date, which we expect on October 13, 14 or 15th.

If you plan on selling your iPhone 4 to pay for an iPhone 5, selling your old iPhone to Nextworth or Gazelle is much easier than selling it on eBay or dealing with Craigslist.

We have a guide for selling your iPhone 4 to pay for the iPhone 5, which covers the steps and thinks to consider before selling your old iPhone.

iPhone 5 event Apple

Apple is hosting an iPhone event on October 4th.

Apple has invited the press to the company’s headquarters on October 4th where the new CEO Tim Cook will take the stage to “talk iPhone.”

We expect that Apple will announce at least one new iPhone, but may announce two devices. If Apple announces two devices, we expect the iPhone 5 with a new look and faster specs, and an iPhone 4S, which will be a cheaper version of the iPhone 4.

If you can’t sell your iPhone 4 right now due to your existing contract with AT&T, you will be able to get new iPhone software shortly after the Apple event. This new software is called iOS 5, and will deliver a host of new features to existing iPhones.

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The iOS 5 features shown in the video above will bring more value to your iPhone 4 if you can’t sell it at this time.



  1. Blue Duck

    09/27/2011 at 6:16 pm

    Meh. I got 400 on craigslist for my IPhone 4 16 GB two days ago. Most average consumers (aka morons) don’t even know a new IPhone is coming soon….

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