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White Nexus 4 Launch: New Color, Same Problems



The launch of the white Nexus 4 hasn’t been as flawless as some consumers and observers might have hoped with users reporting mysterious intercepted shipments and the 16GB Nexus 4 currently listed as unavailable. And while it’s not as bad as the launch of the original Nexus 4, it certainly should bring back some old, bad memories.

In November, Google and LG launched the Nexus 4, the current Nexus smartphone and one that remains one of the top devices on the Android platform. Shortly after the device went on sale on the Google Play Store, the device sold out. And soon after that, those who ordered the Nexus 4 reported shipping issues that were blamed on the widespread demand for the cheap, unlocked smartphone.

    The white Nexus 4 has stumbled out of the gates, just like the original Nexus 4.

The white Nexus 4 has stumbled out of the gates, just like the original Nexus 4.

After a few weeks, the Nexus 4 went on sale again and it unsurprisingly sold out again with increasingly bad shipping times. Google soon pulled the plug and the Nexus 4 was unavailable through the holiday season up until the start of February when it returned once again. Stock and shipping issues certainly plagued the Nexus 4 launch and now, it seems, those issues are plaguing yet another Nexus 4.

The white Nexus 4, which went on sale just a short time ago, is already experiencing issues at the U.S. Google Play Store. For one, the 16GB white Nexus 4 is completely sold out, with it listed as being temporarily out of stock. If the device wasn’t being promoted as a limited edition, this wouldn’t be an issue, but since it only has a finite run, this is a big problem for those that are looking to get their hands on it.

A Nexus 5 could experience issues as well.

A Nexus 5 could experience issues as well.

To make matters worse, those who ordered the device have been reporting that their package has been intercepted, something that appears to be plaguing 16GB white Nexus 4 users. Evidently, that statement was made in error, and a statement issued by Google Play Support says that owners needn’t worry about the message.

A small number of customers were sent a ship confirmation with an incorrect tracking number on 5/31 and 6/3. In these cases the incorrect tracking number may indicate that the package is being returned to sender.

Please disregard this tracking number. Another ship confirmation with the correct tracking number will be emailed to you within 24 hrs. Please reference the tracking number in the ‘Thank You’ section of the ship confirmation.

Please rest assured that your package’s arrival date is unaffected by the incorrect tracking number.

So all seems well, though, for those who followed the launch of the black Nexus 4, these problems will likely stir up bad memories. The problems clearly aren’t as severe as the original Nexus 4 launch but at this point, the thought of a flawless Nexus 5 launch later this year is hard to imagine.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Isaac Craig Parker

    06/07/2013 at 11:40 am

    You guys make it sound like the phone itself has major issues, when really, people are simply buying more than LG can or is producing. I understand the value of a catchy headline, but geez! This is just bad reporting!

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