Nexus 5 Photos Tease Ahead of Launch
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Nexus 5 Photos Tease Ahead of Launch



The Nexus 5 could be just minutes away from arrival but that hasn’t stopped leaks. In fact, Nexus 5 leaks continue to pour out ahead of its launch and today, we’re not only seeing the device in high-definition photos, but the new Nexus has now also been torn down for the entire world to see.

Rumor has it, the Nexus 5 could be announced today. It’s also possible that the announcement could finally lead to a Nexus 5 release date, a date that might also be today. Those details aren’t clear just yet as we are minutes away from the rumored launch time. What is clear is that the Nexus 5 is still leaking out and will likely continue to do so ahead of its arrival.


Today, two leaks have completely exposed the Nexus 5 ahead of launch, the first a Q&A on Reddit that has delivered high-resolution, up-close photos of the new Nexus 5 and the other, a tear down courtesy of Fanatic Fone that reveals the innards of the Nexus 5. The photos showcase the same device we’ve seen leak out time and time again and they match up with the Nexus 5 that we saw listed on the Google Play Store.


The tear down reveals a few interesting tidbits including the actual size of the display which is going to be 4.95-inches in size and we also get an up close look at many of the devices internal components including the camera sensor and the battery. The camera is said to be a 8MP sensor with Optical Image Stabilization technology while the battery is thought to be a 2,300 mAh.


These are just the latest photos that reveal the Nexus 5 ahead of launch and from the looks of things, they may be the last unofficial photos to leak out as the Nexus 5 is thought to be coming at 8AM PST today. Sources have told Gotta Be Mobile that that is when Google will announce the device and it’s possible that we could see all of its features finally get confirmed for arrival.


The device is slated to arrive alongside Android 4.4 KitKat, a piece of software that has also leaked out extensively, and rumors suggest that it will also be coming with an Asus Nexus 10, a device that will compete with the iPad Air from Apple.


It’s not clear if the Android 4.4 KitKat update and the Nexus 10 will arrive at the same time as the Nexus 5 or if they will be released separately from the new flagship smartphone.



  1. Leminur

    10/31/2013 at 8:52 am

    Is it just me or I didn’t like the fact that SD Card is not available for Nexus 5?

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