Nexus 7 Dock Pre-Order Already Sold Out
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Nexus 7 Dock Pre-Order Already Sold Out



Last night, it became apparent that retailer B&H put the highly anticipated Nexus 7 dock up for pre-order through its website. However, the Add to Cart button is now missing and has been replaced with a Notify When in Stock tag which means that those who weren’t quick to pull the trigger are now going to have to wait or look elsewhere.

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The Nexus 7, which launched several months ago, is rumored to finally be getting its pogo-pin dock at some point in the next few weeks. No official date has been set though the rumors have suggested that it will be arriving in December. That launch month was seemingly confirmed by a listing from retailer B&H which put the Nexus 7 dock up for sale yesterday for $39.99.


The Nexus 7 dock pre-order is now sold out.

However, it now appears that the pre-order is now sold out as the Add to Cart button has now been replaced by a button allowing interested parties to sign up to be notified when the accessory comes back in to stock. Initially, B&H said that its availability was expected on December 15th, though that date has now come and gone. And now, it seems that expected availability has now been pushed back to December 30th, likely due to the sell out.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 10.28.43 AM

The Nexus 7 dock was available to pre-order yesterday.

Thus far, B&H seems to be the only retailer that has put the dock up for pre-order and there are is no sign of a date on which sales will start so at this point, it’s a bit of a mystery for Nexus 7 owners interested in snagging this accessory.

Google has not said when or if it will be putting the Asus-made dock on its Google Play Store though it certainly remains a possibility given that it is indeed selling other Nexus 7 accessories through its Play Store. And if the Nexus 7’s popularity is any indication, it could be that prospective buyers who aren’t quick on the trigger will have to wait through significant wait times to get their hands on this device.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 10.38.30 AM

Now, the accessory is sold out.

The official Nexus 7 dock is shaping up to be a fantastic accessory for Nexus 7 owners who want to keep the device on a table for easy access or for watching movies. Indeed there are other third-party docks available for the Nexus 7, but this is the only official option that uses the metal pins and holds the device in landscape mode which makes it an enticing option for owners of the Android 4.2 powered tablet.



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