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Nexus Android Nougat Release: 5 Things to Know



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Multi-Window Support

Multi-Window Support

One of the biggest features in Nougat is multi-window support. Something we've seen from Samsung or LG, and more recently with the iPad. Being able to split the screen in two and run two apps at the same time.

With Android Nougat Google's giving Android this natively. Meaning all devices with Nougat support it. It's best on tablets, being able to read and write emails in Gmail while browsing YouTube or watching Netflix, and it brings multi-tasking to an entirely new level.

It works great on the Pixel C, and hitting the recent apps button twice cycles through recently opened apps like a quick shortcut to instantly open the last used app. Similar to ALT+TAB on computers. There is also picture in picture for Android TV.

Rumors also suggest Google is keeping one thing a secret, which is Freeform windows mode. Essentially allowing users to open apps as windows similar to a laptop or computer. Giving Android tablets the power we enjoy on a laptop or MacBook Pro. We're not sure if this is ready yet, but we've seen hints of it and it could be a great addition to Android.

We can't forget about the little things either. Google's added a lot to Android 7.0 N that will improve the experience for everyone. There are actually more than 40 changes and more being added every day, but many are small or behind the scenes that users may not notice right away. The notification bar and notifications are better, reply right in the pulldown, better Google Now, Google Now on Tap, Google Assistant and much more.

Then, arguably an even bigger set of features is Android Instant Apps, and Seamless updates. Like Chromebooks Android Nexus devices will update automatically and behind the scenes, if the user agrees to that system. The seamless updates should be big in the future, although Google isn't requiring manufacturers to do the same. Either way, Android 7.0 is officially here, so enjoy.

5 / 5
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. CaptainSpiffy

    09/17/2016 at 8:34 pm

    Ummm, great. Another update I won’t get unless I but a new phone.

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