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No iPhone 5 Cases Available at Apple Retail Stores on Launch Day



The iPhone 5 release day is Friday and when users open up their iPhone 5 it may be tough to find an iPhone 5 case, even at an Apple Store.

The Apple Online store doesn’t list any iPhone 5 cases for sale, and calls to our local Apple Store resulted in a shocker.

The Apple rep told GottabeMobile that they will not be selling iPhone 5 cases on the iPhone 5 release date.

This is departure from the standard Apple launch that includes some kind of Apple case and a few third party cases, but it is the first real re-design of the iPhone in two years. Many manufacturers waited to see the iPhone 5 and download the exact measurements before starting design and production of iPhone 5 cases.

Apple Store iPhone 5 Cases Launch

Apple Stores are not selling iPhone 5 cases on release day.

iPhone 5 owners looking for an iPhone 5 case on Friday should skip the Apple store and head to carriers, where there are sure to be a few options available. Friday is definitely a bad day to stand in line for an iPhone 5 case at an Apple Store.

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The iPhone 5’s metal back may help some users make the jump to going without a case, but we still recommend a case for most users, especially those who plan to sell the iPhone 5 next year.

Where to Find iPhone 5 Cases on Release Day

Even though Apple Stores aren’t planning to sell iPhone 5 cases on September 21st, there are several places to look for an iPhone 5 case.

Several of the cases in our Best iPhone 5 cases slideshow are already shipping, including those from Seidio and a heavy duty screen protector from Zagg. These options could arrive in time to put on the iPhone 5 on release date.

iPhone 5 Case with Kickstand verizon

iPhone 5 cases are available at Verizon.

Verizon Wireless offers seven iPhone 5 cases online, some of which we expect will be available in store on Friday. These cases range from a $19.99 black iPhone 5 case to an iPhone 5 case with a holster and kickstand. Verizon also offers some designs with floral patterns, polka dots and glitzy silver.

Verizon also offers an OtterBox iPhone 5 case, so it may be available in store on Friday. The OtterBox Defender iPhone 5 case is available for shipping on Verizon Wireless, so users may be able to purchase online for release day delivery.

Radio Shack is showing several cases from Incipio and Body Glove for the iPhone 5. According to, several stores in San Francisco already have iPhone 5 cases in stock, but it’s worth calling to make sure they aren’t tucked away in the back of the store.



  1. Matt wait-for-it

    09/18/2012 at 1:27 pm

    In addition to Otterbox, there are iPhone 5 cases available from Boxwave, Kayscases and Bear Motion (awesome name!)

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