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No Motorola Announcement This Week



After reports ignited over the July 4th holiday weekend in the U.S. that Motorola may be hosting a small media event on July 11th to potentially inaugurate the flagship Moto X, Droid Ultra, Ultra Maxx, or Ultra M smartphones, the Google-owned hardware company is now refuting that there will in fact be an event. This means that those who are awaiting those handsets will likely have to wait just a tad bit longer.

Rumors of a potential phone announcement were posted by blogger Leo Laporte, who says that he has received a personal invitation from Motorola’s own Guy Kawasaki. As it turns out, the private event, which will accommodate around 50 or so guests, will be hosted as a gathering hosted by Kawasaki but no new products will be announced at that date.

imgresConfirmation that there won’t be any Google nor Motorola announcements at the private July 11th gathering was made by Android Community

The Moto X is a highly anticipated smartphone as it will be made by Google in the U.S. with options for customizations as we’re learning in recent weeks. Google had recently posted a signup page to be notified of new announcements surrounding the Moto X, but the company so far has offered little details about the device. Curiously, little information has leaked about the Moto X.

While initially believed to be a flagship smartphone that will compete with other flagships, like LG’s G Series, Samsung’s Galaxy S4, and HTC’s One, Google later managed expectations by saying that the device is a good, mass market device that lacked the ‘wow’ factor of a flagship. At the All Things D D11 conference recently, company execs alluded to sensors coupled with a long lasting battery as being driving forces for the Moto X’s creation–essentially the phone will be able to log a number of readings, which may include temperature, heart rate, pulse, barometer, and more. The Moto X, given its larger battery, may represent Google’s exploration into wearable computing tech such as a smartwatch, where that product may have more limited battery life due to the smaller form factor.

The Moto X is believed to be coming this fall.

For non-Android users, July 11th is also the same date that Nokia will be hosting an event that’s widely believed to be the launchpad for its much rumored Nokia EOS PureView smartphone running the competing Windows Phone 8 operating system.

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