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Nokia Tired of Waiting For Instagram for Windows Phone



Nokia doesn’t want to wait any longer for Instagram for Windows Phone and now has its own app to convince the service to come to Windows Phone.

As WPCentral reports, Nokia’s new app is #2InstaWithLove, an obvious plea to Instagram. The app lets Nokia Lumia users take pictures and apply “the classic polaroid filter” to them, complete with a border and a section below the photo with the hashtag name of the app.

Nokia encourages users to share their #2InstaWithLove photos to their social network of choice as a way to show Instagram the community’s desire for the app. The hope is that with enough users showing support, Instagram for Windows Phone will eventually happen.#2InstaWithLove

Unfortunately, users with Windows Phones from other companies can’t download #2InstaWithLove. The app is currently exclusive to Windows Phones from Nokia. If the campaign is successful, however, Instagram for Windows Phone would presumably come to devices from all manufacturers.

Interestingly, while Nokia pleads with Instagram, The Verge reports that Microsoft is in the process of building Instagram for Windows Phone itself. The app would let users post photos to Instagram with all of the same features, though it may have a different layout.

Microsoft’s version of Instagram is almost ready, according to the report, but it lacks one key thing: permission from Instagram. Before Microsoft can release its Instagram for Windows Phone, it needs permission from Instagram to post photos to the service. Instagram currently only lets a small selection of third-party apps post to the service.

Perhaps if #2InstaWithLove gains enough support, Instagram will approve Microsoft’s app. That would make Windows Phone the third major platform to support the popular photo sharing service.

While Nokia and Microsoft practically beg Instagram for a Windows Phone app, BlackBerry is also waiting for an app on its BlackBerry 10 platform. Instagram recently said it won’t support that platform yet, though BlackBerry hasn’t yet tried to launch a public campaign to convince the company.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. disappointed

    08/28/2015 at 9:45 am

    It is now Aug 2015 and Instagram is STILL in beta. I’ve been a Windows Phone user for 3 years now and I’m over it. It’s time for us WP users to stop kidding ourselves… We will never – NEVER – have a fully functioning IG experience. As much as I detest Apple snobs, I’m willing to make the switch now to iOS so I can finally enjoy the apps WP users will sadly never have.

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