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Noon Notebook News: New MacBook Details, Outdoor Notebook Tools & More



It seems as if we just looked at a brand new MacBook Pro and the iPad 2, but we are already turning our sights to the next apple refresh which is likely to be a new MacBook. We also round up a collection of outdoor notebook accessories,  point you to some new Sony VAIO and Samsung notebooks as well as show you how to add apps to an App Wishlist from your iPad or iPhone.

First off, we look at when we might expect to see a new MacBook from Apple. Traditionally, the company updates the entry level MacBook line in May or mid fall, but it has been over 300 days since the last refresh, so we expect that there will be a new MacBook in early 2011. We think that this will happen by the end of May and should bring 2nd Generation Intel Core i processors to the base MacBook as well as the possibility for some other design and feature upgrades. Head over to Notebooks for the full report.

Next up, we look at the essential notebook and laptop accessories for working outdoors. This roundup of covers, cases and other items will keep your notebook protected and connected while you work from the park or beach. You can see our office last summer in the image below. We don’t want to work outside everyday, but on a nice spring afternoon it’s a treat to go outside and work. With these tools and connectivity options you can even do this if you are a corporate cube worker.

Sony announced the general availability of the VAIO F, VAIO C and VAIO S line of notebooks this morning, which use the new Intel 2nd Generation processor and deliver a range of sizes from 14″ up to a 16″ 3D model. Check out our post for the pricing and full details.

Samsung also showed up today with pricing and availability of the Samsung 9 Series, the company’s ultra slim MacBook Air competitor, but the starting price could prove too much for it to really get in the ring with Apple.

On the How To side of things, we share an easy solution for how to add apps to an App Wishlist from your iPad or iPhone. While iTunes has this built in, when you are on your iPad 2 or iPhone, you can’t add to a wishlist, so we created our own wishlist and way to add the apps to our Evernote account. This is great for apps that cost $9.99 or $29.99 which often require a bit of research when you first hear about them.

We also run through four ways to keep your files in in sync between Mac and Windows, which is a great primer for sharing with friends or family who need to transfer files to from Mac OS X to Windows and back on a regular basis.

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1 Comment

  1. Joseph O'Laughlin

    03/18/2011 at 1:59 pm

    What keeps drifting specks of tree sap from glueing themselves to the screen or protective film?

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