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Northern Virginia Daily’s The Haunted Valley App Features Wayside Theatre



Well, I wish I had picked up on this before Halloween had come and gone, but that’s how busy my real life job running Wayside Theatre is. The Northern Virginia Daily is one of our two local papers and it is making a real push into the digital world by creating Apps for mobile devices. There is one for the daily newspaper that works on both the iPhone and Android.

Now there is one called The Haunted Valley that features Wayside Theatre, among other local properties that have something to do with the paranormal about them. This one is universal for iOS and also has an Android version.

Yeah, I’m bragging a bit, but not just about the theatre being included. My lovely wife, Thomasin, who many of our readers know through some videos here, is responsible for all of the ins and outs of dealing with the media on these kinds of things related to hauntings, ghosts, and paranormal events at the Wayside Theatre and so she’s featured in the story.

The iOS universal App is on sale for $.99. The Android App runs $.99 as well.

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