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Notion Ink Adam unboxed in wild, officially off vaporware list



Well, it’s been a long, long wait, but the first Adam tablets from Notion Ink are finally reaching users and the first unboxings in the wild are up at

Not a whole lot to see, other than what appears to be the entirety of the instruction manual, but it’s exciting to see this device has made it to end users. While the Adam was previously unboxed by Rohan of Notion Ink (though strangely it never really left the box), it’s not the same as an authentic buyer unboxing.

No reviews yet, but the guys at will surely post those as they roll in. I’m most looking forward to seeing how that wedge shape works for people. Also of interest is the on-screen keyboard. Notion Ink has been pretty consistent in showing the Adam working with external keyboards (including in their unboxing). Makes me wonder if there’s an unspoken reason for that.

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  1. Ericscoles

    01/24/2011 at 6:33 pm

    yes, there is an unspoken reason for that: even the best touch-screen keyboards are not good for long form entry.

    they apparently have put some design work into their on-screen keyboards. I don’t know if there’s testing behind it, but from what I remember of my ergonomics seminar their theory is sound, if based on paradoxical guidelines. E.g., their keys don’t have outlines. That’s based on findings that giving people an outline of a button to aim for actually degrades their accuracy.

    it’s nice to see people going back to foundational ergo research. having worked on the forefront of the web, I watched as decades of ergonomic research was just thrown away as ‘invalid’ because ‘everthing was changing’ (really, because the new folks didn’t actually understand the old research and didn’t care to learn about it). [/soapbox]

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