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NVIDIA Shows Project Shield Playing Need For Speed: Most Wanted



In its latest video of Project Shield NVIDIA shows the upcoming Android game console playing the PC version of Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

The new video shows Need For Speed: Most Wanted streaming from a Falcon Northwest Tiki PC, the same PC the company showed playing Borderlands 2 last week. Because the PC has a top-of-the-line NVIDIA graphics card the video shows the game running with the graphics settings turned all the way up to max.

In the video, Will from NVIDIA explains that in addition to playing games from Steam the Project Shield can play any game from a PC through the GeForce Experience app. As shown in the video, that includes EA games like Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Battlefield 3 that are only available through EA’s Origin platform.

The video shows that there’s very little, if any, lag when playing PC games on Project Shield. Will tends to cause a lot of damage to his cars on the video, but that seems more the fault of his playing than any sort of lag.

The controller of Project Shield makes it easy to play Need For Speed: Most Wanted, or any other PC game that supports a gamepad. The similarities between the Project Shield gamepad and the Xbox 360 controller should make it easy for gamers to pick up the Shield and just start playing. The only differences between the controllers are the placements of the left analog stick and D-pad.

NVIDIA Project Shield 1

NVIDIA Project Shield

In addition to streaming PC games the NVIDIA Project Shield can also play Android games. The console uses NVIDIA’s new Tegra 4 processor and runs Android Jelly Bean (though NVIDIA won’t say if its 4.1 or 4.2).

The NVIDIA Project Shield will launch sometime in Q2 2013, though the company doesn’t yet have an exact release date or price. NVIDIA has a website set up where users can sign up to get more info about the device, including the release date when it’s announced.

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