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NVIDIA Tegra Zone to Enhance Android Market with High-End, Graphics-Rich Games



With the release of its Tegra 2 dual-core ARM-based processing and graphics solutions on a number of hot and highly anticipated tablets and smartphones in 2011, NVIDIA is stepping up its game and will be entering the app market to complement Google’s own Android Market. NVIDIA Tegra Zone isn’t a rival app market, but will augment Android Market with useful features for consumers and developers alike, including ease of app discovery for graphics-rich and high-end games that can take advantage of the power of the Tegra 2 chipset, along with hosting space for unlimited storage for developers to release high-end games and apps with large file downloads, while at the same time conducting the transaction process via Android Market so a separate sign on or payment method isn’t required.

The complementary Tegra Zone will offer consumers the opportunity to view and post reviews, see high-resolution screenshots and HD trailers, and pay using Android Market for the app of their choice. For developers, because of the file size limitations of Android Market, developers have so far been slow or reluctant to port their games to Android because they would have to host the necessary downloads on their servers. With integration in Tegra Zone, developers can have NVIDIA host the large file downloads for graphics-rich games and still use Android Market for payment.

The move will definitely be beneficial in educating mobile smartphone users about the benefits of the emerging dual-core class of processors. This would enable users of dual-core smartphones and tablets recognize what games are compatible and will work with their devices and may entice users of single-core Android devices to upgrade to dual-core devices if these games or graphic offerings are beneficial to them.

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