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Off Contract iPhone 5 Prices $20 Higher than 4G Enabled iPads of Same Capacity



Pricing can be a tricky thing when it comes to marketing. You want to hit the sweet spot is such a way that you don’t want customers to think. Well, that goes pretty much out of the window when it comes to Smartphones because you have to deal with carriers and plans and eligibility and, well, the list goes on. You also want to make sure that the sweet spot of pricing makes customers jump to buy and not leap to ask questions. Well, I started taking a look because I had some questions. Some have probably noticed this, but I just did. If you compare off contract iPhone 5 prices with the same storage capacity new iPad equipped with 4G then you’ll see that the iPhone 5 is $20 more expensive across the board.

I find that interesting, if not curious. How about you?

New iPad - Buy the New iPad in White or Black - Apple Store (U.S.)

iPad with 4G Pricing on Apple’s Site


Apple Store

iPhone 5 prices on Apple’s Site

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. jamal

    10/27/2012 at 8:54 am

    it is good if is 20 dollar contract for iphone 5

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