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Official LG G5 Case Brings Rumors to Life



The LG G5 release is starting to heat up with more information arriving each and every day ahead of the February 21st announcement. Following a slew of leaks and rumors LG started sharing details last week, teasing new features yesterday, and now has announced official cases and are essentially showing off the phone months ahead of the release date.

The company is wasting no time teasing the flagship new smartphone as the release date approaches, and wants as much attention as possible. Reason being is the LG G5 is getting announced the same day as the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

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For 2016 LG is taking a different approach with the G5. It’s being released earlier than any other model, has an all-metal design, a unique modular design on bottom we still don’t know much about, and will have three cameras. Read on for the latest news and an image from LG themselves that brings all the rumors to life, and reveals part of the LG G5.


Yesterday LG took to Facebook and shared some exciting details about the screen and software. Stating the LG G5 will have an “always-on” display. A feature we’ve seen in some fashion in the past from Motorola and Google. Allowing information to be displayed at all times in an extremely low power state.

However, late last night LG took the teasers a step further and essentially revealed the entire overall look and shape of the LG G5. Giving us a peek at the 5.5-inch LG G5 in the hand of a user, with the official “Quick Cover” case they’ve been offering over the past few years.


This year though, the Quick Cover will be able to recognize the users touch anywhere. Allowing for information to shine through the cutout up top, previously known as the Circle Quick Case, and now users can swipe the bottom to interact with the phone without opening or taking off the case.

The images don’t really share any other details, but do appear to squash rumors of a secondary screen on the top, similar to the LG V10. Instead, we can expect the same 5.5-inch Quad-HD display as previous years, and all aluminum design which is also being teased in this photo, and more.

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For now we don’t know if this will always be on 100% of the time, as that could drain the battery or cause “burn-in” on the screen, so we’ll have to wait and see how LG plans to incorporate this feature into its new flagship smartphone.

Other details suggest the phone will be made of all metal, which is shown in this teaser as well. Not to mention a powerful 8-core processor, 3-4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage with a micro-SD slot, a big 3,000 mAh or bigger replaceable battery, dual cameras on the back for improved photos, laser auto-focus, image stabilization, a fingerprint scanner, and a “magic slot” on the bottom back that slides out and allows users to add modular accessories to the phone. Like action cameras, add-on accessories and more. Again, we don’t know what LG has up their sleeve, but at this rate they’ll tell us everything ahead of the launch date.

LG will take the stage and unveil the phone on February 21st in Spain, then have it released around the globe and from all carriers in the United States before the end of March according to rumors. Stay tuned for more details.

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1 Comment

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