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PaperKarma Wants To Help You Get Rid of Junk Mail



Controlling spam, or at least making sure it doesn’t reach your main inbox, isn’t much of a problem by now. Getting rid of junk mail in your mailbox can be a bit more annoying, though. Fortunately, that process is a bit simpler now thanks to PaperKarma.

PaperKarma is a free app that’s available for your iPhone, Android phone, or even your Windows Phone.

The idea of the app is pretty simple: just take a picture of the junk mail you want to stop receiving and PaperKarma will take care of the rest.

PaperKarmaPaperKarma will ask the sender of the catalog or advertisement or any other sort of mail to remove you from their database. You can then go back and check the app to see how far along the process is.

To use PaperKarma, you will either need to create an account or use Facebook Connect. Then you’ll need to give the app a phone number and the names of others that live in your household.

That’s not because PaperKarma wants to send you or your family junk mail, it’s because some companies ask for that information before they remove you from their database.

It seems strange, but that’s apparently how it works.

PaperKarma might not get rid of all your junk mail, but it will try. Its success isn’t very good when it comes to mail that just blankets whole zip codes.

It should, however be able to stop unwanted catalogs.

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