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PDF Annotator Priced For Students



If you have a son or daughter going off to college or if you are in college yourself, don’t miss PDF Annotator for Students for $29.90. It’s the full Version 2 with special pricing for those of us in education. McKay Whitney, a regular site contributor, alerted us to the special pricing this morning. With most handouts available to students as PDF’s, Grahl Software’s PDF Annotator Version 2 allows us to write directly on these documents without having to import into OneNote first. This is advantageous on several fronts for me.

First, only a few of my classmates actually use OneNote. Being able to mark up a PDF and share that file as a PDF without having to use another software as a medium for inking is a big benefit. Second, PDF Annotator saves time. My workflow for annotating pdf’s before Annotator was to import the pdf file into OneNote (and depending on the file size, could take a bit of time), making notes in the pdf file via OneNote, then saving the OneNote file as another pdf. Third, some images and documents within the pdf that gets rotated by OneNote cannot be correctly reoriented once it is imported. By using Annotator, it is a non-issue.

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