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Pocketables’ Mystery MID



mysterymidPocketables has received two batches of photos showing off an unnamed MID running Android. From their first report:

There isn’t much to go by here, but a set of photos appeared in some unnamed forum the other day showing what is believed to be a new slate-style Android MID that is estimated to have a touchscreen measuring somewhere between 4.3 to 5 inches and said to feature applications like MSN Messenger and GTalk, WiFi, and possibly 3G connectivity.

Their second report doesn’t add much except more photos. One of the photos (shown here) shows the presumed charging/sync cable and mentions phone functionality and SD card support. Actually, I wouldn’t read too much into that photo. If it’s running a “stock” version of Android, it might just be listing the supported phone and SD card storage option even if the functionality isn’t present. Still, the apparently button-free bezel slate design is interesting. Hope they crack this mystery soon.

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