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Pokémon Quest for Mobile: What You Need to Know



After a short period on the Nintendo Switch, Pokémon Quest is now available for both Android or iPhone. If you’re looking for a new Pokémon adventure download it today and catch ’em all. Here’s everything you need to know about this fun new RPG-style game.

In Poke Quest, you’ll explore the world, visit Tumblecube island, and then find, collect and battle all your favorite Pokémon. It includes popular monsters from the old-school (Kanto region) Blue and Red titles and has a unique new gameplay method. It’s a mix of Minecraft and Pokémon.

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Pokémon Quest is so easy to play that trainers of all ages will enjoy it. If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch or don’t want to wait for Pokémon Let’s Go, here’s what to expect when you start befriending monsters.

What is Pokémon Go Quest? (New Features & What’s Different)

This is an all-new yet familiar Pokémon game that’s free to play and fun for all ages. These are some of the features for those interested in playing.

  • Befriend Pokémon Monsters – Go on wild expeditions to find items you can use to befriend a wide array of Pokémon.
  • Find Enough to Create a Pokémon Team – Gather up a team of three of your favorite (or the best) monsters to battle others as you explore the world and island.
  • Easy Tap Controls – Pokémon Quest uses simple touchscreen controls that are easy and familiar.
  • Personalize Your Pokémon – Use special Power Stones to customize your Pokémon friends how you want, and to get special abilities and powers.
  • Build Your Own Home – It’s not quite Minecraft, but you can decorate your home with a bunch of collectibles you find. These have in-game benefits during battles too.
  • Start Cooking (Incense) – Collect different ingredients to cook tasty meals that attract different types of Pokémon.
  • Unique Style – Each monster has a unique attack and HP, but there are no more traditional strengths and weaknesses in Quest.

As you can see, this isn’t your traditional Pokémon game. Not only are you exploring the world with cute cube graphics, but it has an RPG (role-playing game) style that’s unlike most other Pokémon titles. While you have limited control over your monsters, you can tap their special abilities multiple times in battles to win easier.

The core mechanics of the game are exploring, finding and collecting items, and collecting or befriending Pokémon. In the beginning, each starter Pokémon has an easy training stage that’s designed to help you ease into the game, even your kids can do it. As you find the main characters like Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu or Eevee, these stages get more difficult.

A lot of time spent playing the game will be exploring, cooking meals, or upgrading your home and campsite with special things you find and collect. It’s casual, fun, yet addicting just as we expected.

Free-to-Play (In-App Purchases)

Pokémon Quest is completely free-to-play and it’s safe for your kids. However, the game does have several in-app purchases. A better way to explain it would be free-to-start. That’s because while you don’t have to spend any money, you’ll likely buy PM tickets (in-game currency) to speed up cooking, finish things faster, and process easier.

Games that start out free but quickly incentivize players to spend real money are extremely popular on mobile. They’re not going anywhere, and you’ll find tons of in-app purchases. Just make sure you have a password set for payments on iTunes or the Google Play Store.

Other Details

For what it’s worth, Pokémon Quest has a nice balance when it comes to in-app purchases. While they’ll help you with cooking and such, it’s not completely necessary. Basically, it’s not as bad as some games where you’ll feel like you have to spend money to actually enjoy the game.

This exciting game is available now on the Nintendo Switch, iPhone or iPad, and for almost all Android devices. As long as you have a phone released within the last 3-4 years you’ll be able to download, play, and enjoy Pokémon Quest.

Battle, gather look, find new Pokémon, then repeat the process. Don’t forget to make your campsite look good, and cook up some impressive meals. Before you go, take a look at our entire Pokémon Portal for more coverage.

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