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Predictions for WWDC 2009



Update: Team GottaBeMobile is on the job with Sierra Modro reporting from WWDC. Ahead of that, here are some of what we’re predicting from the event.

Sumocat’s Predictions

The keynote presentation at WWDC is just a couple of hours away, and I’m sure there will be few surprises. Yeah, sorry to be a buzzkill, but between the leaks and the known features of the iPhone OS 3.0, we can pretty much expect a new iPhone to be announced that is sure to be faster and better than the previous model. But that doesn’t mean everything has been foretold, so here are some minor predictions about what else might be in store.

  1. New, more efficient processors? Yes. Running at 600MHz? No. The current iPhones already have 600MHz processors, but they’re underclocked to reduce heat and battery consumption. I expect that to remain true, though it wouldn’t surprise me if perhaps there was a way to run at full speed when plugged in.
  2. Apple Tablet? No. If this was going to happen this year, something substantial would have leaked by now. I think it’s inevitable but not this summer.
  3. iPod touch updates? The iPhone gets all the attention, but I think the touch is due for some upgrades, specifically a camera and GPS. With the tagging features in iPhoto and webcams in so many Macs, it seems ridiculous that the iPod touch isn’t already equipped for photos with geotagging. I’d also expect them to add a microphone, but this isn’t as pressing since it can be done externally.

Matt’s Predictions

  1. Updated MacBook – the recent update to the $999.00 MacBook to the 2.13 Dual Core makes me think that the Aluminum ones will be updated with both the 2.0 and 2.4 getting bumped up in speed.
  2. No Apple Tablet announced – I bet it will be leaked and talked about for the next event though…
  3. Snow Lepord will be the talk of the show – Some cool stuff will be shown during the keynote to get eveyone excited

Xavier’s Predictions

  1. Steve Jobs returns.
  2. WWDC discussion will crash Twitter- Fail Whale time :-)
  3. Palm execs will have a sleeplesss night…


  1. brook

    06/08/2009 at 10:28 am

    with no flash support, the iphone will not stand a chance
    I will not consider staying and paying for service I cannot continue to use this crippled phone, I need a device that can handle application in the backgound

  2. LeeN

    06/08/2009 at 10:53 am

    Sumocat’s #3, that is what I would love to see. I’ve been seriously considering getting an ipod touch to use as a Skype phone and those 2 features would put it in the most-definitely category for me, a mic wouldn’t hurt either but you can always use a headset (and a bluetooth headset for ipod touch 2g when OS 3.0 comes out).

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