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Project Godus To Bring God Games to Mobile



Peter Molyneux, creator of games like Populous and Black & White wants to bring that type of “god game” to mobile devices with his newest game, Project Godus.

Project Godus is the new project from Molyneux’s new studio 22cans which recently released Curiosity: What’s In The Cube on iPhone and Android. The team wants to create a new god game where players can help save or destroy their villagers using their almighty power.

In Godus, players can choose to play as a benevolent god or an evil god, either saving and helping villagers or beating them into submission. As the player’s influence grows they will encounter other gods in the world and try to convert their villagers or to somehow destroy the other gods. In the pitch video, Molyneux says he’d like to have more than 20 gods fighting each other, but his more reasonable colleague says eight gods per game is more manageable.

22cans hopes to raise £450,000 by December 21 to fund the game. A pledge of £15 will grant the backer entry into the beta, though the beta is likely PC only. At best, the team can likely give beta access to Android users was well. There’s no easy way for the team to grant beta access to up to 5000 iPhone or iPads users.

The team hopes to have Project Godus finished by September 2013 after an estimated seven to nine months of development time. Like most Kickstarter projects, there’s a chance the development time will take longer than that, however.

Project Godus

Peter Molyneux has a tendency to promise more than he can achieve in his games. He famously promised Fable players would eventually have the chance to plant an acorn and watch it grow into a tree. That promise never materialized. His most recent game, Curiosity, also has a number of issues the team is trying to resolve. That doesn’t mean Godus will fail to deliver on its core promise a a spiritual successor to Populous, however.

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1 Comment

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