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PS4 In Stock at Amazon for Christmas Delivery



Those looking to snag a PlayStation 4 as a last minute Christmas gift will be happy to know that Sony’s PS4 is currently in stock at Amazon and is available to ship in time for Christmas next week.

Since launch back in November, Sony’s PS4 has proven to be a difficult device to find, much more difficult than its rival, Microsoft’s Xbox One. Earlier this week, we saw Sony deny that it was purposefully withholding stock to create artificial sellouts and contribute to demand ahead of Christmas. Artificial or not, the PS4 is currently difficult to find. We’ve heard that several retailers are holding back stock for those looking to buy before Christmas but nothing is guaranteed.

PS4 vs Xbox One - 12

Fortunately, the PS4 has returned to Amazon just in time for Christmas as the retailer currently boasts stock for all of its PlayStation 4 bundles and says that those ordering within the next day will see their PS4 arrive before Christmas. Amazon guarantees delivery by December 23rd if the PS4 is ordered within 27 hours. There is no telling how long the console will stay in stock and it’s possible that it could disappear just as fast as it appeared.

Amazon offers the PlayStation 4 in four different bundles including the Battlefield 4 bundle which includes EA’s launch title, a DS4 bundle that comes with several family-oriented games, a Killzone and PS Plus bundle, and a Knack launch bundle. The PlayStation 4 alone costs $399.99 while the bundles range from $460 to $510. Buyers should note that the bundles are the same price as the Xbox One as Microsoft’s console is $100 more expensive than Sony’s PlayStation 4.

This may be one of the only ways consumers can secure a PlayStation 4 ahead of Christmas so those who are still without a PS4 for a loved one will want to take a look at Amazon as soon as possible. Those who are down to their last chance will also want to enter our PlayStation 4 giveaway as soon as possible.


Gotta Be Mobile is also offering readers a way to get the PS4 before Christmas as well. The contest will last until December 23rd at which point we will select a random winner. That winner will receive the PS4 on Christmas Eve, assuming that we receive a quick response.



  1. Naga VH

    12/21/2013 at 2:49 pm

    Your articles are the worst ever on the internet. Get lost.

  2. Ps4mon

    12/22/2013 at 5:23 am

    I ordered mine a while ago but amazon had just ran out of stock so I have to wait, does that mean it will come on the 23rd?

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