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Quantum-Dot LED Technology to Succeed OLED



While Samsung is looking to replace IPS LCD screens with its own Super PLS LCD screens, LG Display is tackling the OLED display technology along with QD Vision. With QD Vision’s design, LG Display is looking to produce quantum-dot LED screens, also known as QLED displays, which is a nanotechnology display that offers better performance than OLED display. Some of the benefits of QLED display include better brightness, more vibrant colors, and increased energy efficiency, the latter being an important component on mobiles such as smartphones and tablets while the former two factors are critical for outdoors operation under direct sunlight.

Each quantum dot is said to carry the same stability and reliability as LCD screen technology while at the same time the simplified manufacturing process of QLED panels should mean that the displays will cost less than traditional OLED screens right now.

QLED screens are said to be twice as power efficient as OLED screens, and offer 30 to 40% improved brightness.

OLED screens, and its variant AMOLED screens, are commonly found on smartphones such as the HTC Desire and Nokia’s touchscreen phones. Samsung had improved upon AMOLED displays, calling their technology Super AMOLED, and have used that in the company’s Galaxy S smartphones. In 2010, due to the increased demand for AMOLED displays, there was an AMOLED shortage that prompted manufacturers such as HTC to switch their devices over to Super LCD screen technologies mid-cycle. Devices like the HTC Desire that started production with an AMOLED display were later outfitted with Super LCD displays as the AMOLED shortage grew.

At this time, no information was given about when LG hopes to mass produce the QLED displays with QD Vision.

Via: Electronista

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. GoodThings2Life

    12/02/2010 at 12:14 pm

    I saw a while back that Sharp is also using similar quad-color tech in their newest line of TV’s (commercials featuring George Takei), so it’s nice to see others beginning to employ it as well… especially if it really does provide the benefits being claimed.

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