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Racer Shows The Power Of Chrome On Smartphones & Tablets



Today at Google I/O Google discussed the power of its Chrome web browser, and to show everything the browser can do it put together a racing game that works across multiple devices.

The game, called Racer, uses a number of web technologies to create a seamless slot racing game on any Android or iOS device using the Chrome web browser.

To play the game users just go to this website and follow the onscreen instructions to either start or join a game.

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Users can play with up to five devices at a time, with a track that stretches between each of them. Users just line up all of their devices in the correct order and just press their finger to the screen to make their car go. Once a car reaches the end of one device it will appear on the next screen almost instantly.

Players can’t interfere with others in their game, but if they go too fast along turns they’ll fly off the track, giving their opponents and advantage. As cars pass between devices the sound they make will follow them from device to device, even if the fly off the track on once device on into the abyss on another.

Despite only working in Chrome Racer feels as responsive as a native iOS or Android game. The game is relatively simple from the user’s perspective, but it uses a lot of technologies such as HTML5 Canvas, Paper.js, WebSockets and Google Cloud Platform in order to work. It’s a very impressive demo and a fun game.

Racer seems to prove that web apps can work well on mobile devices. Recently companies like Facebook and LinkedIn tried using HTML5 for their iPhone and Android apps, but switched back to native code. This tech demo shows that HTML5 and other technologies shows they aren’t inherently bad on mobile devices.

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