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5 Reasons to Buy a New TV in 2020 & 2 Reasons Not To



Is this a good time to buy a new TV in 2020? If there is any device in your house seeing more use and potentially showing flaws during the stay at home orders it is your TV.

While you may have a great TV in one room, there is a good chance that kids or other adults in your house are testing the limits of the rest of the TVs in your house. With more time spent looking at our TVs, this is also a great time to consider upgrading to a 4K TV. Here are the reasons you should buy a new TV in 2020 right now;

  1. Buy for a Better Picture and HDR
  2. Buy for a Better Smart TV
  3. Buy for New Features
  4. Buy Because Your TV is Getting a Workout This Year
  5. Buy Now if You Find a Great Deal

If you are still watching in 1080P or on an old 4K TV, you are likely missing out on HDR, which is the big benefit of buying a 4K TV in 2020. HDR, High Dynamic Range, is the name of the feature that delivers vastly better colors on your TV.

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While you won’t see 4K or HDR on most broadcast TV, you can see this on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple+, Hulu Originals, Disney+, iTunes, YouTube, and various other services. While gaming on the Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PS4, or PS4 Pro you can game in HDR. Most new TVs include built-in WiFi and smart TV setups for popular streaming services and some can even let you use your iPhone to AirPlay to the screen.

There are a few reasons you should wait to buy a new TV in 2020, including;

  1. Wait for 2020 Models
  2. Wait for Bigger Deals

At this stage, most users shouldn’t be worried about waiting for an 8K TV. You can buy an 8K TV, but we are far off from seeing widespread 8K content and even with upscaling (taking HD or 4K content and using technology to make it look better in a higher resolution screen) it’s still quite early for most shoppers.

Where to Buy a TV in 2020 (During Stay at Home)

Where you can buy a new TV easily in 2020.

While you cannot browse in most stores, you can still buy a new TV in 2020 even with store limitations. These stores offer curbside pickup or home delivery options. You will need to get the TV into your house and set it up, but that is very easy to do with new TVs, even if you aren’t particularly tech-savvy.

  • Amazon – Free Delivery on most TVs
  • Best Buy – Free Delivery or Curbside Pickup
  • eBay – Free Delivery
  • B&H Photo – Free Delivery
  • Rakuten – Free Delivery
  • Vizio – Free Delivery
  • Walmart – In-Store Pickup or Delivery
  • Costco – Delivery or In-Store Pickup
  • Sam’s Club – Delivery or In-Store Pickup
  • Target – Free Delivery on In-Store Pickup
  • Buydig – Free Delivery on most TVs
  • Dell – Free Delivery + Gift Card Bonuses

In most cases, you can get free delivery with your new TV. If you see a shipping charge, make sure you compare prices. If you are buying for in-store pickup make sure you check the competition for a better option.

Most deliveries include threshold delivery, which means they bring the TV to your door. You may be able to convince the delivery person to bring it just inside your door, but they won’t deliver it into the house completely or into the room that you want to install it in unless you opt for a higher delivery service.

Buy a New TV for a Better Picture and HDR

The biggest reason to by a new TV in 2020 is for a better picture and for HDR. While you may not notice the higher resolution immediately you will notice brighter, bolder colors and on most sets deeper, darker blacks. Newer TVs use better backlighting technology with more local dimming zones

HDR is available on 4K content and works with some games that are played at 1080P on older systems. To watch content in 4K HDR, you will need to watch on the built-in apps on the TV or you will need to buy a streaming device that supports 4K and HDR.

These include the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Roku Streaming Stick+, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PS4, or PS4 Pro.

Buy for a Better Smart TV

No products found.

Smart TVs are vastly better than they were three to five years ago. If your current TV is older, and you like using the built-in features instead of connecting another device, you should consider buying a new TV in 2020.

One thing that we really like about Vizio and other manufacturers is that they are delivering regular software updates with new features for free. This is great news if you are looking for a 2019 model, which is what many of the current deals are on. Typically 2020 models announced in January are arriving around this time, but it looks like we may need to wait a little longer.

The built-in app selection is now very wide, the layout and ease of use are much higher and you can download TV streaming apps without the need to plug a box or accessory in.

Buy for New TV Features

When you buy a new TV you also get new features that you may not have found on your older models. This can be as simple as support for HDMI ARC, which makes connecting a soundbar much easier and integrating it into the overall controls of the TV.

We’re also seeing the integration of Chromecast and AirPlay 2. These features let you mirror your phone or play a movie on your TV from your phone without connecting anything special to your TV.

We’re also seeing more and more TVs that allow you to control the TV using your voice with Siri on your iPhone, Google Assistant on Google devices, and through Alexa.

Buy Because Your TV is Getting a Workout This Year

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One of the biggest reasons that you should buy a new TV is that you are likely watching more TV in 2020 than you have in quite a while. This trend will likely continue through the rest of the year. With stay at home orders out to mid-year in some states and the likelihood of limited re-openings, you may not be seeing movies in a theater this year.

My favorite way to handle this is to put the new TV in the main room and then rotate the rest of the TVs into other rooms with upgrades flowing from most to least used. You can then sell or give the oldest TV to someone.

Buy Now if You Find a Great Deal

No products found.

We are seeing a wide range of 4K TV deals on Vizio, Samsung, TCL, and LG models at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and other retailers as they look to capitalize on people getting stimulus checks and looking for upgrades right now.

There are new deals every day, and now is a good time to buy a smart TV or 4K TV in 2020 as long as you are saving off the retail price. Look for 2019 or 2020 models.

Wait for 2020 Models

One reason to wait to buy a new TV in 2020 is for the latest 2020 models. Many of these are not out in stores yet but will be there in the coming months. If you saw a specific model announced earlier this year, it may make sense to wait. Just keep in mind that the typical release cycle may be slightly delayed by COVID-19.

Wait for Bigger Deals

Although there are a lot of impressive deals available today, you may see bigger deals if you wait until later this year. Typically prices on TVs drop at very specific times. These are;

  • During the Super Bowl
  • When New Models Arrive
  • During Black Friday
  • After Christmas

These aren’t the only times to buy a new TV, but if you are looking for super deep discounts it may be worth waiting to see what happens later this Spring or in early summer. At this stage, we don’t think it is worth waiting for Black Friday.

Last update on 2023-09-23. This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to read our disclosure policy for more details. Images via Amazon API

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