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Should I Buy Anthem? 1 Reason to Buy Today & 4 Reasons Not To



Wait for Fixes and Updates

Wait for Fixes and Updates

While one of our reasons to buy early is so that you can take advantage of any easy ways to level up before Bioware fixes any leveling issues, for most gamers the reason to wait for fixes is more important. 

We typically see connectivity issues, bugs and other problems deliver the biggest impact on day one and through the first few weeks of the game. This is when the developer needs to deliver key updates to the game, which can fix problems or leave key issues lingering. 

If you wait a few weeks to a month, you can see what the developer is able to do and how well they are able to both fix and communicate those fixes to the gamers that put money on the game. This is the critical time to see how developers will handle issues and it will help you see if Anthem is in a good state or if it will be soon. 

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