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5 Reasons to Try TIDAL & 2 Reasons Not To



If you are looking for a new music streaming service TIDAL is a great option to explore. TIDAL is a Spotify alternative with two plan options, a free 30-day trial, and a $4 for 4-month subscription bonus right now.

Users that are looking to replace their streaming service, get a good TIDAL deal, or upgrade their sound quality should explore the 30-day trial or the four-month special offer.

This article details why you should give TIDAL a try in 2020, especially as we all lean on music to get through isolation and while we wait for concerts to come back to life.

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We’ve been using TIDAL for the last few months, which makes it easy for us to give you advice on why it makes sense to give it a try. Here are the best reasons to try TIDAL in 2020;

  1. Try TIDAL if You Want Better Sound
  2. Try TIDAL for Music Video Playlists
  3. Try TIDAL for Four Months for $4
  4. Try TIDAL Because It’s Easy to Import Your Playlists
  5. Try TIDAL If You Need to Cut Expenses

While it is a very low cost and low friction trial, there are a few reasons you may not want to test TIDAL right now including;

  1. Don’t Try if You Love Your Current Streaming Service
  2. Don’t Try If You Always Forget to Cancel Trials

Here is a closer look at all of the reasons you should try TIDAL now, and why you may want to skip.

Try TIDAL if You Want Better Sound

Try TIDAL for better sound quality.

TIDAL Premium offers the same sound quality as Spotify, but TIDAL HiFi includes HiFi and Master quality options. The HiFi quality is lossless CD, and the Master is studio quality.

  • Hi-Fi: Lossless CD quality (1411kbps or 16bit / 44.1kHz
  • Master: typically 96 kHz / 24 bit

This is a real feature that you will hear the difference in if you have a good set of headphones or stereo and that you can really hear in higher-end setups. I suggest trying Hi-Fi during your TIDAL trial and then you can compare all the sound quality options for yourself.

Try TIDAL for Music Video Playlists

One of the TIDAL features that surprised me when I started using the service was the music video-playlists. I knew TIDAL offered music videos, but the standout option to watch videos on the Fire TV or other streaming devices as well as to watch a playlist of videos in the desktop app is pretty cool.

I especially like the Video playlists on the Amazon Fire TV since it is a handy way to put an MTV-Esque video playlist on and listen to music while making dinner or hanging out. Unlike YouTube music video playlists there are no ads.

Try TIDAL for Four Months for $4

Try TIDAL for this epic deal.

You can always get a free 30-day TIDAL trial if it is your first time with the service, but you currently get an extended “trial” of TIDAL with the current promotion. When you sign up for TIDAL now, you get four months (120 days) for $4. This is available on the TIDAL Premium and Hi-Fi plans.

This is an amazing deal, and a great way to try TIDAL out over a longer period. Yes, it’s $4 instead of free, but that is pretty impressive for a service that would normally cost $39.96 to $79.96.

Try TIDAL Because It’s Easy to Import Your Playlists

One thing that makes it very easy to try TIDAL is how easy you can import your playlists from another service. I was able to import all of my Spotify playlists in about 15 to 20 minutes, and most of that was just waiting for the free online service to transfer the music.

All my playlists transferred and I was only missing a few songs due to slightly different music libraries. At my last count, I was missing five songs on a handful of playlists, so it’s a great way to quickly get up and running on TIDAL.

Try TIDAL If You Need to Cut Expenses

Do you still want to listen to music, but you need to cut your expenses for the next few months? If so, the $4 for 4 months deal is perfect. You can keep listening to music without ads for $4 instead of spending about $40 on a competing service. That’s a deal anytime and especially a deal right now.

Rady to give TIDAL a go? Here’s where you can sign up for the $4 for 4 months TIDAL deal.

Don’t Try if You Love Your Current Streaming Service

Don’t try it if you love your current streaming service.

Are you 100% satisfied with your streaming service? Maybe all of your friends are there and you share playlists with them all the time or you just are happy with the level of service.

If so, then skip the TIDAL trial and stick with what you know. You can always decide to try TIDAL at a later time and get the 30-day free trial.

Don’t Try If You Always Forget to Cancel Trials

When you sign up for the free TIDAL trial, you don’t need to commit, but you do need to enter your credit card for the trial or for the $4 for 4 months deal. This means that you need to remember to cancel the service when the trial is over to avoid paying.

If you constantly forget, and you don’t want to trouble yourself with setting a reminder on your phone, then skip the trial for now.

Try TIDAL Free for 30 Days

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