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Refurbished Kindle Fire Available for $139 at Amazon



On the heels of news that retail giant Target will begin phasing Amazon’s Kindle products out of its stores comes word that Amazon is once again offering refurbished models of its popular Android tablet, the Amazon Kindle Fire, for a mere $139.

This is a pretty incredible deal for those looking to get their hands on a tablet that is almost as good as new as it knocks $30 off of the regular refurbished price of $169 and is also a deep discount over the $199 price tag that is attached to a new Kindle Fire.

The offer won’t last forever though as Amazon is only offering it for then next 13 hours or until the supply is all sold out. Clearly, this is a fantastic deal so it’s very possible that the online retailer will deplete its stock.

Refurbished Kindle Fire Available for $139 at Amazon

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These refurbished Kindle Fires are tested and certified to ensure that they work properly and they also come with the same one year warranty that a regular new Kindle Fire comes with something that again, makes this an offer worth considering.

As it stands, the Kindle Fire reportedly makes up over half of the Android tablet market. A big reason for this is its price which undercuts just about every other tablet on the market, including Apple’s iPad.

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At $199, users get a tablet that runs a heavily modified version of Android, sports a 1024 x 600 7-inch display, access to Amazon’s Appstore, and a tablet that offers many of Amazon’s in-house services for movies, books and more.

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