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Remember the People You Meet With Evernote Hello



If you’re anything like me, meeting a person for the second time can be a frustrating experience.

I love meeting people, but I am horrible with putting names and faces together. From tech writers at CES to the students I teach and even extended family, I can’t put names to faces.

Thankfully, there’s an app for that.

The new Evernote Hello app for the iPhone looks like the perfect solution to helping me remember everyone I meet. best of all, I can ask the person to enter their information, include context about our meeting and pull it all together with a photo.

Evernote Hello App

Evernote believes that the Hello app will help you improve your memory of people because it focuses on the three ways our minds remember the people we meet.

  • Faces: What do you look like?
  • Time: When did we meet?
  • Context: Why did we meet and who else was there?

Look over to the right. Do you see the nice layout of faces in this app? This is perhaps the biggest reason I want to use it. If i see someone I know I should know, I can quickly scroll through a collection of faces to find out who is across the room.

Thanks to the acceptance of checking email at events, even while around others, I can even look someone up mid conversation if I need to.

All of these people sync to Evernote, and you can search people inside the standard Evernote app.

But, what looks to be really cool is the fact that the Evernote Hello App, the new Evernote Food app and the notes you enter into Evernote can come together to show more context based on the times and locations you entered food, people and notes.

Evernote Hello is available free for the iPhone (iTunes), no word on an Android version just yet, but I would be surprised if Evernote isn’t working on it.



  1. ethibault

    12/07/2011 at 10:09 am

    it’s kibnd of weird to take a picture of someone you meet, it is kind of admitting that one day you will see the face again and not rememrber the name or vice versa.

    I must more believe in business cards exchange, with picture or not, for which the killer app does not exist yet

  2. Anonymous

    12/07/2011 at 9:19 pm

    Couldn’t you just add them into your contacts (with a photo) and a note on how you met them?  This just seems like a waste.

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