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Roborock H6 Review



The Roborock H6 vacuum is a Dyson alternative that’s incredibly easy to use, offers long battery life, great suction and a plethora of attachments. After weeks of testing and comparing to a Dyson version, it’s clear that Roborock’s robot vacuum tech is a winner as a standalone vacuum.

The Roborock H6 is $449 and it is a great companion to a robot vacuum. It’s great for quick cleanup and for getting behind things, deep cleaning and other cleaning tasks. We’ve used it on hardwood, carpet, to clean the coils on the back of a refrigerator and to clean the car.

The Roborock H6 earns a Gotta Be Mobile Editor’s Choice Award for ease of use, cleaning capability and offering incredible value. You can buy the Roborock H6 at Amazon starting in Q2.

Install and Setup

The Roborock H6 mounts to the wall easily and keeps all your attachments at hand.

Installing the H6 is easy, it comes with a wall mount that you attach with two screws. This allows you to charge the vacuum by sliding it into the mount. There are also spots to store all the included attachments. The mount is a handy way to charge and keep everything ready to go when you need the other accessories. You can also just plug the H6 into the charger if you can’t attach a mount to your wall.

Setting up the vacuum takes a few minutes, just snap together the parts you plan to use most and then hang the accessories on the mount. Our unit shipped with a small charge, but plan on charging before you use it.


Using the Roborock H6

The Roborock H6 is light and easy to use on the floor, ceiling, your car or behind appliances.

The Roborock H6 is easy to use with three speeds to handle the surface and mess that needs cleaning. We like that the H6 stays on with an optional lock-on setting, so you don’t have to keep holding during longer cleaning sessions. Switching speeds is as simple as pressing a button on the top of the unit. A small display shows suction, and the battery life left and alerts.

Another feature that is handy is the carpet boost. Most of our home is hardwood, but there are a few carpets around the house. When the Roborock H6 is on carpet the speed of the rollers increases to clean pick up more and clean better. We like that you don’t need to manually switch between hardwood and carpet. The H6 itself is a pretty quiet vacuum.

The unit is very lightweight, so it’s good for normal vacuuming and excellent for the other areas you need a vacuum. We found it very easy to use on cleaning corners of the ceiling, getting behind doors and larger items around the house.

After removing the long tube, it is easy to attach the various cleaning tools directly to the Roborock H6 or to attach with a flex tube to get into hard to reach places. The H6 includes;

  • Floor Brush
  • Carpet Brush
  • Dusting Brush
  • Motorized Mini Brush
  • Crevice Tool
  • Flex Tube

Using the attachments directly on the H6 or with the Flex tube works great for cleaning a car, vacuuming furniture or getting into tight spots. With the wall mount, we always know where the tools are, and switching between them is incredibly easy.

We’re impressed with the suction, cleaning power and ease of use. It’s a nice companion to the Romorock S5 Max robot mop and vacuum. The robot vacuum handles the basics of sweeping and mopping while the H6 is perfect for all the other needs in your house. They are a great pair that cuts down on the amount of time we need to actively spend cleaning.

Roborock H6 Battery Life

Easily see how much battery life is left.

The Roborock H6 battery life is rated at up to 90 minutes in eco mode and 10 minutes at max. So far this is more than enough to clean the house, especially with a robot vacuum handling most of the floor throughout the week. Even as a standalone, in the medium setting it’s easy to finish the house without worrying about battery life.

The max mode is perfect for big messes that you need to clean up quickly, and the middle setting is great for everyday use.

Cleaning the Roborock H6

Emptying the H6 is simple, just hold it over a trash bin, pop the container open and empty it. To deep clean, you can take most of it apart and wash the individual parts. This includes the dustbin and both front and rear filters. While it’s not something you’ll do every day, it is a handy way to keep the filters and H6 working like new.

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