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Samsung Marshmallow Release & Time: 10 Things to Expect



Vague Details from Samsung

Vague Details from Samsung

You can count on an official announcement from Samsung. The company typically confirms several updates ahead of their release though its announcements are usually pretty vague. 

What we mean is that it usually leaves the important details, like release date, up to individual carriers. If Samsung does confirm specific timing, that timing will be for international unbranded versions of the device and not carrier-locked models. 

Samsung is usually slow to make these announcements and if it does make one, we'd expect it to come a little closer to the start of its Galaxy Marshmallow release. 

One other thing. Don't put too much stock in announcements from Samsung's various international arms. While they have issued corret information in the past, they've also released confusing information and details that've been flat out wrong. 

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