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Samsung Full HD 1080p Phone Launch Rumored for Early 2013



Samsung is rumored to be working on a new smartphone with a 1080p display, set for launch in early 2013, that would rival the HTC Butterfly J, a device that was previously announced with such technology a few days ago.

According to Korean publication MK News, the manufacturer will apparently follow in the footsteps of HTC and announce a smartphone with a 1080p display as early as the Mobile World Congress in February. The device, which would be the first Samsung phone to boast a 1080p full HD display, does not yet have any other details and is currently without a name.

The screen is said to sport over 400 pixels-per-inch which would likely make for extremely crisp text and photos. The pixels-per-inch on the iPhone 5 is 326ppi, a much smaller figure than these upcoming devices.

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A Samsung 1080p smartphone could be in the works for early 2013.

With the emergence of the HTC Butterfly J, which sports a brilliant Super LCD 3.0 display, competitors are likely to be following suit with the same technology in 2013 and this type of display technology may be the feature that Android manufacturers use to lure in customers next year.

Currently, the only device that’s rumored to have such technology and heading to the United States is the HTC DLX, a device that is more commonly known as the Droid Incredible X for Verizon. That remains unconfirmed however and it’s still possible that the device could launch with the lesser LCD 2 technology.

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The HTC DLX is rumored for either a November or December launch on Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

It’s unclear if this device is the Samsung Galaxy S IV, which would be the sequel to the Galaxy S III smartphone that is one of the most popular Android phones on the market, or if it’s a new device entirely.

Last year, Samsung waited until May to announce its new flagship smartphone, skipping MWC. And while this phone is rumored for an early 2013 launch, there is always the possibility that it’s release could arrive later on in the year.

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