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Samsung Galaxy Gear Ads Prove That Fantasy Is Now Reality



Over the weekend, Samsung launched a new ad campaign to show off its new Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The ads show off many instances in TV shows and movies where “smartwatches” were used, such as in Star Trek, The Jetsons and Knight Rider. Of course, these were all fictional worlds, but Samsung is touting that its Galaxy Gear brings all of that to life in the real world.

The Korean company has launched two new ads, one called “Evolution” and the other called “A Long Time Coming.” In the first ad spot, we see shots of the various smartwatches used in past TV shows and movies with sound clips from the respective show or movie. Then, at the end, Samsung says, “After all these years, it’s finally real” and shows off the Galaxy Gear smartwatch complete with its touchscreen capabilities.

The second ad spot is essentially a video montage of the ad above, showing off various scenes from TV shows and movies of characters using their watches, mostly to communicate with others. It’s pretty interesting to see just how popular it was for watches like this to be used in fantasy TV shows. The Power Rangers clips were probably my favorite, but viewers will no doubt get a shot of nostalgia watching these ads.

Of course, that TV spot above reminds us a lot of Apple’s first-ever iPhone TV ad back in 2007, showing off much of the same kind of montage as the Galaxy Gear ad, with video clips from classic TV shows and movies, but we digress.

Samsung is betting big on the Galaxy Gear, but many initial impressions and reviews of the watch haven’t been good so far. Many folks are saying that the integration with the smartphone could use some work, and notifications aren’t as good as they could be. The Galaxy Gear seems to be a first-generation device of sorts, where the first go-around usually isn’t all that great, and it’s when they hit the second-generation when things start to look up.

Nonetheless, The Galaxy Gear is certainly a niche product, and only a small group of enthusiasts will really use it, but Samsung wants it on all wrists, and we’re not sure if any amount of marketing will do the trick. Of course, the Pebble smartwatch was a huge success on Kickstarter, but the product was ultimately a dud once it launched later on, leaving much to be desired once backers started to play around with it.

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