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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Officially Coming to UK on November 17th



Samsung vaguely confirmed the Samsung Galaxy Nexus release date in the U.K. during a conference at the end of October and today it made it official through a press release. The highly anticipated phone will be arriving on November 17th and while that is stupendous news for those who live across the Atlantic, those hoping to get it on Verizon are still in the dark.

If you live in the U.K. though, you’ll be able to waltz into a bunch of different retailers just under two weeks from now and pick up what looks to be one of the best Android phones ever to hit shelves.

And just in case you forgot, here are the Galaxy Nexus’ ooh and ahh over one more time.

Galaxy Nexus

It has a 4.65-inch 1280 x 720 HD Super AMOLED display, a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, a zero shutter lag 5MP camera with LED flash, 4G LTE connectivity, and HSPA+ where LTE is not available.

The Galaxy Nexus also has a 1.3MP front-facing camera, a 1750mAh battery, Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0, NFC support, gyro, proximity sensor, and a barometer.

So, those of you in the UK can now rest easy.

And unfortunately, the nightmare for folks in the U.S. continues.



  1. Anonymous

    11/04/2011 at 10:50 am

    Thank you for putting “UK” in the title.  The hit-whores at SlashGear didn’t, and the commenters ate them alive.

  2. Provost485

    11/05/2011 at 10:02 am

    Has the price been released for the UK?

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