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Galaxy Nexus with Volume Bug Fix Now Available in UK



UK retailer Clove has announced that it now has the Samsung Galaxy Nexus back in stock and this time, the devices have been patched with a software update that apparently takes care of that problematic little volume bug that has been afflicting Galaxy Nexus owners who use or have used their device on a 2G 900MHz network.

The retailer also speculates that because they have received this new shipment, the update should be rolling out soon for those that bought the first batch that had the bug on board. If you recall, Google and Samsung are working on a fix that should take care of the issue once and for all.

Details on what the software does exactly are non-existent but we expect that we’ll know more once the update starts rolling out.

Galaxy Nexus

For those of you that have the bug but are feeling a bit impatient, there appears to be an unofficial fix that remedies your phone in the same way the official update will.

And those of you that are planning to get a Galaxy Nexus in the UK today, tomorrow or beyond, you should have no problems at all.

Via: SlashGear

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1 Comment

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