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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Launch Date: What Not to Expect



We have already taken a look at what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launch date, set for August 29th in Germany, and now it’s time to take a look at what consumers should not expect from the launch event for the company’s upcoming phablet sequel.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has quickly become, along with the Droid RAZR HD and the 2012 Nexus, one of the most anticipated Android devices for the rest of 2012.

Samsung’s new device is the sequel to the popular 5.3-inch original Galaxy Note phablet that launched at IFA in 2011 and was first released in October. It then came to AT&T in February of 2012.

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We take a look at what not to expect from the Galaxy Note 2 launch date.

The sequel figures to improve on the original in just about every aspect. The Galaxy Note 2 is rumored to have a 5.5-inch HD display, bigger than the original’s screen, a quad-core Exynos processor, a bigger battery, a new design, improved cameras and more.

Fortunately, Samsung has already confirmed the device’s launch date, saying that it will launch on August 29th at an Unpacked event. Samsung, this year, has taken after Apple in that it is hosting product launches separate from major trade shows. And while we don’t know exactly what it has in store for us on the 29th, we can definitely make some educated guesses.

Here is what not to expect from the Galaxy Note 2 launch date next week.

An Event That’s Easy to Follow

The Samsung Galaxy S III event was an extremely difficult one to follow online and unfortunately, for many consumers, this will be how to view the Galaxy Note 2 event, an event that we expect to be as difficult to follow as the Galaxy S III’s.

The online stream of the Galaxy S III event, at least the one that was live, was a mixture of odd interviews, videos, announcements, speeches, and more.

In other words, it was all over the place. Half the time I had no idea who was on stage or what they were talking about because Samsung didn’t make it abundantly clear. And if I’m not getting it, the average person won’t either.

A Succinct Announcement

Another aspect of the Galaxy S III announcement that is likely to accompany the Galaxy Note 2 launch is Samsung’s penchant for dragging things out. The Galaxy Note 2 will likely be announced in the very beginning of the event by the time the event is winding up, those viewing it will have forgotten all about it.

Announcements and details that could take a minute or two to be announced will actually take 10 minutes or more which will dilute the experience for many.

In Samsung’s defense, it’s still learning the art of the standalone product announcement so these growing pains aren’t surprising.


T-Mobile may have cancelled the Galaxy Note.

American Carriers

Samsung will be showing off the Galaxy Note 2 on August 29th, that’s for sure. It will also likely announce release date windows for the Galaxy Note 2 as well. And like the Galaxy S III launch, we expect to be given a U.S. launch date window.

We have even speculated that Samsung is fast tracking the Galaxy Note 2 here in the U.S.

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However, we don’t expect American carriers to show their hand on August 29th. Instead, consumers should look for American carriers to announce their Galaxy Note 2 devices in the days or weeks, or even months after the Galaxy Note 2 launch date.

Only The Galaxy Note 2

Just because this is a Galaxy Note 2 event, don’t expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to be the only thing announced on stage.

We could see a software announcement from Samsung – perhaps the Galaxy S III roll out which is rumored to be taking place at the event – and we will likely see a number of Galaxy Note 2 applications, unique to the device, shown off as well.

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Samsung will also probably unveil a number of accessories for the Galaxy Note 2, though, at this point, we don’t know exactly what it has up its sleeve.



  1. Marcelor

    08/24/2012 at 3:37 pm

    Is my newsreader broken or you keep re-posting this exacrable post every couple of days?

    • Marcelor

      08/24/2012 at 3:41 pm

      Read execrable — darn editor, substitutes wrong spelling…

  2. eric stallings (@e_b_stallings)

    08/24/2012 at 6:50 pm

    What about Samsung unveiling the new windows phone?

  3. Bill

    08/25/2012 at 1:23 am

    I dont think its smart to write with a pen on your galaxy screen

  4. intocad

    08/25/2012 at 12:42 pm

    I want one! Love my existing Notes

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