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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Arriving Soon in New Fifth Color



The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will soon be arriving in a new color, officially, as Samsung has announced that the new Martian Pink Galaxy Note 2 will be heading to Korea on February 22nd to join the four previous colors in the Galaxy Note 2 arsenal.

Earlier this month, a pink version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 arrived on one of the company’s websites. However, Samsung hadn’t yet made the color official. Now, in a post on its Samsung Tomorrow Flickr account, the company has indeed made the new color official though it appears that it will, at least at the start, only be available in limited markets.


The pink Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will arrive in Korea on February 22nd.

Samsung has announced that a new diamond pink, or what Samsung calls Martian Pink, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is en route to three carriers in Korea later this month, specifically, on February 22nd. The arrival comes a little after Valentine’s Day, which took place earlier this month, and more than a few days after the device made an official appearance on the company’s Taiwanese website.

Now though, the device has an official release date and it will be joining the Galaxy Note 2’s four other colors which include Marble White, Titanium Gray, Amber Brown, and Ruby Wine, the latter two being the newest additions. Of course, the release date is only slated for Korea at the moment with other markets remaining unannounced.

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That could mean that Korea will be the only place that this device launches. However, as we’ve seen with the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S3 Mini, other regions typically get the new colors later than their Korean counterparts so it could be that these colors come to markets like the United States at a later date. Samsung unfortunately just isn’t saying when.

This new diamond pink Galaxy Note 2 will be the same device as the previous Galaxy Note 2 models that launched in months past. This means that it will offer a 5.5-inch HD display, quad-core processor, 8MP camera, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and of course, the device’s unique S-Pen stylus that takes advantage of a number of applications including S-Note.

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