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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Release Date on T-Mobile Again Said to be “Coming Soon”



The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date on T-Mobile has again been pegged as “coming soon” by the carrier though T-Mobile remains mum on exactly when the 5.5-inch phablet will be touching down on its network.

In a tweet, the carrier says that the Galaxy Note 2 release date on T-Mobile will be coming soon, something that the carrier also says on its website. However, the T-Mobile has yet to attach a release date to the device, even with the Galaxy Note 2 U.S. launch date set for tomorrow.

We expect T-Mobile to announce the release date for the device on Wednesday and it’s possible that the carrier will release the Galaxy Note 2 to the United States that day or even a day after on October 25th, the same day that Sprint confirmed for the Galaxy Note 2 release date.

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T-Mobile GNote 2

The T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 will likely arrive soon.

It’s also possible that the device could land in the middle of November as Samsung previously said though that is looking less likely by the day, considering T-Mobile has tweeted this out and is telling customers, on its website, that the device is coming soon.

Wednesday’s event will likely be the launch pad for the other remaining release dates as well. AT&T, U.S. Cellular and Verizon have yet to say anything about their Galaxy Note 2 release date either.

We expect that there might be different dates given that the Galaxy S III launch was staggered, even before it was delayed, so it’s possible that we could see something similar with the launch of the Galaxy Note 2 in the U.S..

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In addition to the pricing and release date, one other missing element from the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 remains. While an FCC filing seemed to confirm it, it’s unclear if the Galaxy Note 2 for T-Mobile will be future-proofed with 4G LTE connectivity. The carrier won’t release a 4G LTE network until next year but it may put a 4G LTE radio, for use with the new network, inside the Galaxy Note 2.

We should hear for sure on October 24th at the event in New York City.

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