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Samsung Galaxy Note 3: New Domain Hints at Key Feature



Samsung appears to have registered a new website ahead of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch on September 4th and from the looks of things, the domain could tie into the device’s S Pen, a feature that could ultimately be the star of the show.

For weeks, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been at the forefront of smartphone rumors, teasing consumers around the world with leaks galore. The device, which is all but certain to launch on September 4th, looks on paper, to be a worthy successor to the Galaxy Note 2.

Rumors suggest a device that will come equipped with a larger and better display, a faster more efficient processor, a better camera, and Android 4.3. However, while hardware rumors have been dominating the news, we haven’t heard much about the device’s software, something that will play a key role in the Galaxy Note 3’s success.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is rumored for release in September.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is rumored for release in September.

The Galaxy Note 2 arrived with two important and unique features that sold many users on the large-screen device. The first, upgraded software including the Multi-Window View that has arrived for the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3. Second, its ergonomic S Pen stylus. Neither the Galaxy Note 3’s unique software nor its S Pen have surfaced in rumors and perhaps, it’s because Samsung is trying extremely hard to keep them a secret. Samsung is known to go to great lengths to keep its designs a mystery ahead of launch as well.

Today, we have a potential sign of things to come as Techtastic has spotted a recent domain registration from Samsung. The registration for website doesn’t disclose much but it does reveal a keyword: Pen. As in, S Pen.

This website could refer to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S Pen.

This website could refer to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S Pen.

This could just be Samsung gobbling up potential S Pen websites ahead of launch but it also could be a sign that the S Pen will be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, Galaxy Note 3 features. It’s impossible to what this website is for but it could be that it ties into a dedicated page about the Galaxy Note 3’s S Pen.

With competitors like HTC rumored to be coming out with their own phablets this fall, the pressure is on Samsung to deliver an innovative new Galaxy Note 3 that goes beyond just the powerful hardware. The S Pen and its applications are a place where the Galaxy Note 3 can standout and it could be that this website will be part of the push to educate consumers on the benefits of the Galaxy Note 3’s stylus.

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