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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Launch Date: What to Expect



Earlier this year, Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy S4, its 2013 flagship smartphone that has competed against the likes of the iPhone 5, HTC One and others. Samsung though, isn’t done announcing big name devices and in just a few weeks, the company is poised to announce its second big name smartphone, its Galaxy Note 2 successor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Late in 2012, we saw the first Samsung Galaxy S4 rumor sprout to the surface, a rumor that ignited a maelstrom of Galaxy S4 rumors that continued until March, when Samsung finally took the stage in New York City and unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S4. By that time though, the Samsung Galaxy S4 had leaked out in just about every way possible, leaving very little to the imagination.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come to replace the Galaxy Note 2, seen here.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come to replace the Galaxy Note 2, seen here.

Samsung still went through with the launch event, as companies do, using Broadway actors and a strange storyline to promote its Next Big Thing. The event, which took place in the Radio City Music Hall, saw the company outline many of the important details in regards to the Galaxy S4 including release date, carriers and more.

The buzz continued all the way up until it was released in late April on a multitude of carriers including AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Verizon launched in in May, about a month after the other carriers.

This type of attention is not uncommon for the Galaxy S series as this its a device that consumers often wait months or years for. And while the attention may not be on the same level, consumer interest in Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has grown immensely since the device first launched to compliment the Galaxy S back in 2011.

Every year, for the past two years, Samsung has announced a Galaxy Note, a device that takes on features from both a tablet and a smartphone. The first Galaxy Note, while questioned at first, sold extremely well despite the inclusion of a 5.3-inch display and S Pen stylus. The Galaxy Note 2, last year’s model sold even better, as it came equipped with upgrades and a host of carriers.

The success of the Galaxy S series is what brought the attention to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and the success of the Galaxy Note 2 has caused consumers to keep their eye on this year’s Samsung Galaxy Note, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Like the Galaxy S4, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been leaking steadily for the past few months, all of which will culminate in a launch and release later on this year. And finally, after months of leaks and speculation, Samsung finally outlined when it will likely be announcing this new Galaxy Note, this Galaxy Note 3.

With anticipation rising, it’s now time to take a close look and relay what we expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch date.

September 4th Launch Date

No doubt abut it, September 4th is going to be the launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. And just how do we know this? Well, for one, Samsung sent out invites for an event that is set to take place on September 4th and two, the event for Unpacked Episode 2 which we knew Samsung was reserving for a big time announcement. Furthermore, rumors previously suggested September 4th.

Those that need even more proof need only to look at the tweet that Samsung sent out with the invite and the invite itself. The tweet includes the words “Note the date” which hints at a Galaxy Note related announcement.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch event is on for September 4th.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch is slated for September 4th.

The invite itself also possess sketches and handwritten text, something that can be performed with the company’s S Pen.

Samsung may not be talking about what it will be announcing at this launch event but it’s more than clear that this will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch date.

Live Stream

Consumers should expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch event to be live streamed. Why? Because Samsung cleared the air immediately by saying that the event will be streamed live through its YouTube channel.

Expect a fluid live stream from Samsung.

Expect a fluid live stream from Samsung.

This means that those who aren’t able to make it to Germany will be able to follow along from the comforts of their desk or couch. In the past, Samsung has done a fantastic job of keeping its live feeds stable, something that Apple has had issues with in the past, so consumers should expect a smooth watching experience all the way through.


Those that have watched Samsung events in the past will know that the company has progressed from smaller launch events to events that have tons of pomp. For the Galaxy Note 2, it was a magician that introduced all of the Samsung execs. For the Galaxy S4 launch, we saw the company use skits and Broadway actors. We even saw the company take the stage, complete with massive screens, for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini launch.

Samsung has made it clear that it wants these events to be loud and over-the-top, not only to get their point across, but also so that the event sticks in the minds of consumers. While the last two events have been far from stellar, they didn’t click in the minds of many consumers, we still expect Samsung to pull out all of the stops in Berlin, Germany.

We should see the big screens in play once again and we can’t help but think that Samsung will use some type of teaser ahead of the Galaxy Note 3 launch to play into this event.

Samsung has two big time events a year and it wants to make sure people watch. So expect the same type of pomp that we’ve seen from events in the past.

For better or worse.

A Focus on Software

Hardware, while important, will likely take a back seat during the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch event. For one, consumers already know what to expect. Second, Samsung already showed off many of the features that are rumored to be on the Galaxy Note 3 at the Galaxy S4 event including its 1080p resolution, 13MP camera, and plastic design.

Samsung will touch on all of those but we expect the company to dote on the Galaxy Note 3’s software features which have always been part of the device’s uniqueness.

The Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S4. Rumors point to a Galaxy Note 3 with a larger display and 1080P HD resolution.

We’ve seen Samsung put a huge effort into selling consumers on its software.

The Galaxy Note 3 series utilizes some features that aren’t found on other Galaxy devices, features that its competitors have begun to copy. For instance, Multi-Window View was a big part of last years Galaxy Note 2 software and has since been mimicked on other UIs.

We aren’t quite sure what will be coming with the Galaxy Note 3, but we expect some upgrades to current features along with a number of new software features, unique to the Galaxy Note 3. Samsung knows it has to separate its device from the pack and software is one of the ways of doing this.

These launch events are pedestals and we expect Samsung, the salesman, to drive home the benefits of the Galaxy Note 3’s software throughout much of this event.


Samsung made it a point, at the Galaxy S4 launch, to show case a host of new, official accessories for its new Galaxy S. From a new game pad to a wireless charging kit, Samsung came out of the gates with a ton of different accessories. And while Galaxy Note 3 accessories likely won’t be a huge part of the show, we expect Samsung to detail several accessories for the big screened smartphone.

We expect Galaxy Note 3 accessories to take the stage.

We expect Galaxy Note 3 accessories to take the stage.

Rumors have not yet surfaced but wireless charging and the game pad look like shoo ins for the Galaxy Note 3. It would also be unsurprising to see Samsung come out with some cases for the Galaxy Note 3, right out of the gates.

Some Release Date Details

U.S. carriers typically wait to release specific release dates.

U.S. carriers typically wait to release specific release dates.

It used to be that Android manufacturers would announce a device and either forget to announce a release date or give consumers and extremely vague window like Q2 or Q4. That has changed and Samsung and other companies no longer let their fans down.

Consumers can expect some release date details to emerge at Samsung’s Unpacked event. What we means is that the company is likely to reveal some sort of specific window, whether it’s “late September” or “early October.” That window should pertain to when the device will first start emerging on shelves. Rumors have suggested a late September Galaxy Note 3 release though that is unconfirmed.

Expect only vague details though. Samsung still hasn’t been able to pull an Apple and announce a specific, hard date for its flagship devices, and that likely won’t change with the Galaxy Note 3.

Furthermore, expect carriers like Verizon to announce the device without a specific date as they attempt to shuffle around device release dates ahead of the holiday.

Carrier Confirmations

Android manufacturers have started to get the message, after all of these years. While events in the past were often void of the pertinent details, companies have finally started to figure out what matters to consumers. One of those things is destination, meaning, which carrier or carriers a device is heading to.

Whilst before we’d see a company announce a major Android device without any carriers, we do still see it with smaller devices from time to time, these larger devices are now getting the iPhone treatment meaning they see their carriers confirmed on launch day.

Samsung will confirm Galaxy Note 3 carriers on day one.

Samsung will confirm Galaxy Note 3 carriers on day one.

Consumers should expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch to include carrier details as carriers look to tempt their customers with the next iteration of the Galaxy Note.

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon have all be rumored to be getting the Galaxy Note 3 and we wouldn’t be surprised to see U.S. Cellular, which carriers the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S4, join the fray as well. We expect Samsung to mention carriers on stage and we expect carriers to confirm their intentions during or shortly after the event itself.

September 4th won’t end with Galaxy Note 3 carriers in the United States.



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