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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Photo Shows Massive Battery



The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 continues to leak ahead of its September 4th launch and this time it’s another alleged photo of a Galaxy Note 3 prototype or disguised design that shows off what appears to be a very large battery with unknown power.

For weeks now, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has leaked to the surface ahead of its now expected arrival on September 4th at an Unpacked event in Berlin, Germany. The device has seen a number of leaks including benchmarks, features and photos, including one photo that the device apparently took of itself. While many of its features have emerged, we still don’t have a good bead on one of the biggest Galaxy Note 3 features of all. Its design.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 should come with a massive battery.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 should come with a massive battery.

There have been numerous photo leaks though none of them have clearly shown off the Galaxy Note 3 design. Whether that’s because they are prototypes or the Galaxy Note 3 shielded in a casing is unclear but it’s clear that we haven’t seen the real deal leak out yet. This of course is unsurprising given the lengths that Samsung goes to keep its designs a secret ahead of launch.

Today, another purported photo has leaked out courtesy of Webtrek, showing off a familiar boxy Galaxy Note 3 look. This photo however shows a massive battery inside the Galaxy Note 3 design, unsurprising given the size of the Galaxy Note series of smartphones. It’s impossible to determine just how much power this battery is going to offer but Galaxy Note devices tend to have tons of juice to help users get through a long day of multi-tasking.

What the phone doesn’t show is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s final design. While we saw Samsung use a boxy design for the original Galaxy Note, there is no indication that the company will be shifting back to that, especially with the Galaxy S4 keeping its curves.

This photo allegedly taken with the Galaxy Note 3 shows a reflection of a boxy Galaxy Note 3 in the screen.

This photo allegedly taken with the Galaxy Note 3 shows a reflection of similar, boxy Galaxy Note 3.

Rumors have indicated that the Galaxy Note 3 will look like the Galaxy S4 though that remains unconfirmed and likely will be until much closer to the actual event.

Other Galaxy Note 3 rumors suggest that the device will have an even larger screen than the Galaxy Note 2, sitting at 5.7-inches with 1080p resolution. It is also said to have 3GB of RAM, quad-core processor, 13MP camera and the S Pen stylus that has come with every iteration of the Galaxy Note.

It’s also supposed to come with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, not Android 4.2 or Android 5.0.



  1. Bill

    08/06/2013 at 6:57 pm

    Good news, hopefully this battery will be 4,500mAh or more which is essential to power Galaxy Note 3 big screen for more than 24 hours of heavy usage.

  2. Non-techie Talk

    08/22/2013 at 5:48 pm

    Totally agree. I bought a 5200mAh battery for my Note 1 and it barely gets through a day of moderate use. There’s no way in the world 3450mAh )which I’ve seen reported elsewhere) can be called “massive” or “huge” when the Note 3 will consume more power.

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