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7 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Date Tips



Now that the iPhone 5S release date has come and passed, buyers are likely now focused on another big release that is upcoming in the days ahead. Earlier this month, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 3, its big screen smartphone that will pair with the Galaxy S4 to take on the likes of the iPhone 5S, HTC One max and more. With its release in the U.S. imminent, we wanted to share some Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date tips with those looking at buying the 5.7-inch phablet.

On September 4th, just a day after Apple announced that it would be hosting an iPhone  event on September 10th, Samsung introduced its Galaxy Note 2 successor to the world, a device called the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The Galaxy Note 3 had been, up until that point, a device that had received quite a bit of attention thanks to a host of rumors.

Thankfully, it’s a device that is still receiving a lot of attention thanks to the features that Samsung put on board the device and thanks to the fact that the company won’t be waiting several months to push it out on shelves.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will replace the Galaxy Note 2.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will replace the Galaxy Note 2.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be coming with a 5.7-inch display with 1080p resolution, bigger and better than the screen found on the Galaxy Note 2. It also is coming with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 13MP camera with 4K recording, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, new features for its bundled S Pen stylus, enhanced multitasking, several carrier options, 32GB of storage plus microSD card slot and a release date that is on the horizon.

It’s that last bit that has kept the Galaxy Note 3’s momentum going through the iPhone 5S launch date and now, its release. In years past, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note in August, only to release it much later in the United States. This time around, the Galaxy Note 3 is only a few weeks behind the iPhone.

Carriers in the United States are currently taking pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 3 and AT&T is set to kick things off with its October 1st release date. Other carriers including Sprint (rumored for October 2nd), T-Mobile (October 2nd), U.S. Cellular (October) and Verizon (shipping by October 10th) will follow.

With only a few days to go before the Galaxy Note 3 is released in the United States, it’s time to share some Galaxy Note 3 release date tips with those thinking about buying.

You Don’t Need to Pre-Order

First things first. Those who want the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on its release date, across all carriers, do not have to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. While the Galaxy Note 3 is a popular smartphone, it’s not as popular as the iPhone or the iPhone 5S in particular, and it’s not going to have the same type of supply issues that the iPhone 5S has.

You don't need to pre-order the Galaxy Note 3.

You don’t need to pre-order the Galaxy Note 3.

One of the reasons why the iPhone pre-order is so important is because Apple always does a terrible job of keeping the supply chain up and running. Samsung does not have those issues. We saw the Galaxy S4 launch take place without any significant delays and we expect the same thing to happen with the Galaxy Not 3.

So don’t feel the need to pre-order ahead of the release date. Options can still be weighed and the device won’t see absurd shipping times like the iPhone 5S.

Be Prepared

Don’t be the person that heads into the carrier store without all of the pertinent information associated with the account. Don’t be the person who hasn’t looked into past data usage and current data plans. Don’t be the person who hasn’t researched carrier options. Do be the person that is extremely prepared for the Galaxy Note 3 release date.

It will make things go a lot more smoothly when purchasing online or in a store and it will ensure that the Galaxy Note 3 taken home is the Galaxy Note 3 that sticks around for the duration of a contract.

Order Online

Those that are dead set on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and want to get it as soon as humanly possible, are advised to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for one reason and one reason only. Carriers typically get devices not called iPhone out to pre-orders a day or two ahead of the advertised release date. In the case of the AT&T Galaxy Note 3 for example, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it arrive in September for some of those that ordered early.

Furthermore, there is nothing better than ordering a smartphone in the comfort of the home and seeing that device show up on a door step, hassle-free, a few days later. The only reason we suggest going down to a store is if a buyer needs to go hands-on with the Galaxy Note 3. Otherwise, order the thing online, it’s painless, safe and easy.

There Won’t Be Any Lines

Those that don’t want to order online and instead want to buy the Galaxy Note 3 in-store won’t have any problem doing so. Unlike the iPhone 5S release, there will be no lines for the Galaxy Note 3. The only way we could see a line forming is if Samsung pays a bunch of people to stand around looking excited outside of a store. We don’t see that happening.

There won't be any lines when the Galaxy Note 3 arrives.

There won’t be any lines when the Galaxy Note 3 arrives.

Instead, look for stores to be a little busier than usual but nothing like the iPhone 5S launch wherein people lined up over night for the chance to buy a new iPhone on its release date.

Again, we suggest ordering the Galaxy Note 3 online but we understand there are those that need to get hands-on with the device before settling.

Pay No Attention to That Sales Pitch

Those that do go into the store on the Galaxy Note 3 release date are going to run into employees that are going to try and up sell on just about anything they possibly can. That means cases, screen protectors, docks, anything that these carriers are going to have in stores. Don’t get mad at them, it’s their job, but it’s best to just ignore their pitches.

The Galaxy Note 3 is a well-built smartphone that won’t require a case. It employs Gorilla Glass on the front which means that the screen isn’t going to crack or get scratched without a whole lot of effort. That said, our advice is to buy the phone and the phone only. There’s no sense buying a whole bunch of extra stuff if there is a possibility that it could be returned in a few days.

Instead, take the phone home, make sure it’s the right device for the next two years, and then hone in on some accessories for the Galaxy Note 3. It’ll be much easier to think without a salesperson talking.

Bring Extra Cash

That said, set aside some extra cash when buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Accessories may not be worth it, at least not at first, but a 64GB microSD card will definitely be worth taking a long look at.

Buyers may want to invest in a microSD card or an extended battery.

Buyers may want to invest in a microSD card or an extended battery.

One of the perks of the Galaxy Note 3 is its microSD card slot that allows users to expand their storage beyond the 32GB of internal storage space. While it does have its limitations, there is no denying that a microSD card is going to be necessary for a lot of people. And the best part is, microSD cards aren’t very expensive.

This will be a personal decision but again, we suggest allotting a little extra cash just in case.

Look for Deals

Finally, look for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date deals. While it’s nice that carriers will be offering the Galaxy Note 3 for $299.99 on-contract, same as the Galaxy Note 2, there will more than likely be a handful of deals out there that will offer the Galaxy Note 3 for cheaper than that.

Look for a new design from the Galaxy Note 3.

Both the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S4 saw deals emerge immediately.

Specifically, we suggest keeping an eye on retailers like Walmart and online retailers like Dell, Amazon and Wirefly. Those three in particular typically have some deep discounts on release day and there aren’t many people who don’t like a great deal. So keep that in mind before plopping down three hundred bucks in October.



  1. reedie

    09/20/2013 at 12:57 pm

    sucks that there is still no official release date that worries me how something that is said to be released in at least two weeks still has no date but a rumored oct1 but I guess ill have to keep this urge of checking online every two seconds and hoping on finally finding the release date soon. I cant wait to get my hands on my first android phone I used my cousins galaxy note 3 and I thought the quality on that phone was already amazingly good cant wait to see the note 3’s

    • Daniel Isinhiding

      09/20/2013 at 4:04 pm

      oct 1 is release for att, and oct. 10 for verizon, and oct 2 for tmobile. Sprint is unknown

  2. reedie

    09/20/2013 at 1:01 pm

    I meant to say galaxy s3 lol and I will be one of the first in line at at&t as soon as this phone releases. I cant find an option on the online reservation to keep my at&t go phone number on a 2 year contract also don’t want to order online because I don’t plan on waiting for shipping

  3. Chad Troxel

    09/20/2013 at 1:23 pm

    heh heh plopping

  4. Andie

    09/20/2013 at 1:47 pm

    Can’t wait to change my iphone 5 for his beautiful monster …

    • C-Dogg

      09/22/2013 at 6:38 am

      Me too. Selling the 5 for $325 to Gazelle.

    • iBummed

      09/22/2013 at 11:07 am

      Nor I! iOS 7 SUX! Can’t wait till Oct 1 when my ordered Note 3 is in, iphone 5 OUT!

  5. v

    09/20/2013 at 2:10 pm

    I’ll be 1st in line also, just I was for the s3. It sounds like the person who wrote this article is bias. Samsung has run my business wonderfully for several years now. Love the line. Nothing against iphone but not interested.

    • ckh14

      09/21/2013 at 4:48 pm

      Unfortunately most of these “reviewers” share the same bias…for some reason they fail to comprehend that samsung build the iphone, processor, screens ect yet when it comes to samsung phones they look down on them. I find it funny, just like I find it funny that most if not all of these “reviewers” know absolutely nothing about the hardware that power these devices, they merely read and recite spec sheets and then equate that like welp this dual core is worse than this older quad core therefore its midgrade…yet when iphone is concerned theyre like even though its an outdated dual core with slow clock speed, boring software, and minimal features its the greatest phone ever!!! Its definitely comical…dont listen to reviewers that are paid to recite biases, try and seek out tech lovers that buy and actually use these devices for insight…only reason I check these sites is for any release date info, or to chat with other tech fans, because this site is especially bad for regurgitating useless rumors with new taglines to bosst their click numbers on google. Heres to calling a spade a spade and seeing it for what it is….nothing like staring off his article about note 3 , probably the most advanced device in history alone with note 10.1 2014, gear, and note 2 with iphone comparisons lol classic.

  6. Erik Weperma (@PrinceSkyXX)

    09/20/2013 at 3:09 pm

    Preordered my note 3 from there (unlocked high end phones) need it asap. Their est. shipping is set on no later than october 3rd.

  7. James Brown

    09/20/2013 at 3:26 pm

    Preordering will give you the option of receiving the device earlier. It says oct 1, but if you already preordered you may get it a little earlier if supplies are in.

  8. Ernesto

    09/20/2013 at 4:07 pm

    Iphones are the worst phones. Anyone who buys it is just to say oh i have an iphone which in all reality costs the same and in most cases less then a samsung. But samsung hands down make the best phones.

  9. william

    09/20/2013 at 4:29 pm

    Me? I can’t wait to have my note 3. But the question is.. when will it be available here in the Philippines.

    • silvermoon

      09/21/2013 at 8:36 am

      That is why you get a relative in the USA buy one for you. Solved.

  10. Nostromo

    09/20/2013 at 4:43 pm

    Kept the micro SD slot. That’s why I went Samsung after nearly four Droid-loving years.

  11. Esteban

    09/20/2013 at 5:52 pm

    Release Date is Oct 10- 2013. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3- is a gorgeous phone that will put iPhone 5S to shame.
    I have the iPhone 5 with IO7 which has totally made my mind up, to get rid of the iphone entirely. The IOS 7 design bleeds all icons and background colors into each other and difficult to discern when the icon colors end and when the background colors start.
    Each icon has a micro-pix-elated artwork that is harder and harder to see and its art is unrelated to its function (example- the safari icon- web browser looks like a compass, while the compass icon looks like a sniper’s viewfinder, and notes icon looks like an upside down pale acorn, and voice memos icon looks like a Christmas tree inkblot laid on its side). Even the weather icon when used only shows a quarter of what Yahoo! weather! app displays.
    The new IOS7 has these unnecessary slow moving, fade in and fade out graphics, which slows the whole process as a whole, when going between icons or other apps. The prior IO6 was much faster in that it avoided all the gimmicky graphical pizazz that really is unnecessary. The software feels like an elephant with sneakers when a rabbit will do.

    • silvermoon

      09/21/2013 at 8:43 am

      No one is arguing for the iphone here. Why the preemptive strike? Why the inferiority complex? The need to defend is the thought of inferiority, just use your phone and understand that it is the best for YOU. I am so sick of the comparison. If the world has all of the same people then it would be so boring. From your post i learned a lot about iphone. You just gave them a whole bunch of internet time.

  12. DCal

    09/20/2013 at 7:37 pm

    what happened to the on with 64 gig internal storage?

  13. Alvaro Gurrola

    09/20/2013 at 10:06 pm

    does anyone know the release date for best buy?

  14. ckh14

    09/21/2013 at 1:41 am

    Is it just me or is the action command which is being touted as some new amazing feature, just a rehash of the quick command feature from note 2? Quick command did search, phone number input, and many customizable features that you could use as well as launch any APP from. It is cool but a novelty that I think I used twice total in the year the had my Note 2. Basically Samsung took quick command and the S voice global search and simply put them into a pie menu. unfortunately, by doing so they added several extra clicks or steps making it even less useful and more of a novelty than Quick command was prior. I have been struggling trying to convince myself that Note 3 is worth the money but I cant seem to actually do it. They added a total of 3.2mm in screen size from 5.55 inches on Note 2 to 5.68 inches on Note 3 which will be negligible if noticeable at all. They went from 720 p to 1080 which makes no difference on Screens this small in terms of clarity, yet will drain the battery nearly double the rate. The hardware update is nice but will be nearly identical in real world performance vs. Note 2 only bragging rights for benchmark numbers, but again the quad Core S800 cortex a 15 based chip clocked @ 2.3 ghz will cause even more battery drain on top of 1080 screen yet only a tiny increase in battery capacity. So all in all the Note 3 will get about 1/2 the actual use time and screen on time as Note 2 . In reality the only difference will be a new camera Sensor @ 12.8mp (advertised as 13mp) which in my opinion is hardly worth the trade off for the ugly box shape design and tacky Fake leather textured plastic back. Ultimately, Note 3 seems to be a Note 2 in a different body. Had Samsung delivered the promised 5.99 inch screen vs. a mediocre .13 Inch increase I could see getting Note 3 as a backup to my mega 6.3, but to be honest its just not worth the money. Note 2 will perform nearly identical to Note 3 once the 4.3 update is released. So to me the Note 3 is a Note 2 rehash for those who didn’t pick up a Note 2 for one reason or another. Essentially a Note 2s. I cant say I’m not dissapointed after waiting nearly a year for it and this is what we got. Here’s to hopIng Note 4 will deliver a 5.99 Inch Screen that would provide the usable surface area for practical use of the S pen, because at 5.55 and 5.68 inches it remains a novelty with so much promise for use like on my Note 8 and Note 10.1 where you have enough room to rest your hand and write vs. awkwardly holding the phone and trying to write on such a small area . I cant wait for new note 10.1 to release but as far as Note 3 goes, what Incentive do Note 2 owners have to upgrade? 4.3 a few months sooner? In my opinion it just doesnt offer anything over Note 2.

  15. Jeremy

    09/21/2013 at 2:00 am

    To be honest, I really like this. I would like to have this in the future. I’m planning to buy one.

  16. bj

    09/21/2013 at 5:52 am

    @chk14….some valid points. I was on the fence about note 2 vs 3 but I finally conceded primarily because right now I have the EVO 4g LTE with sprint, but sprint sucks in my area so I’m going to tmobile. But I didn’t want to just go over to another carrier, I wanted a new phone.The note 2 looked tempting but after comparing the specs with my evo, screen size aside, I decided upon note 3. Additionaly I don’t want to have to upgrade for at least the next 3 years and the specs in the the note 3 was enough to convince me. Was digging the one max also but HTC has been slow o the draw with it. I guess at the end of the day it all comes down to personal preferences. Note 3 is a winner for me

    • ckh14

      09/21/2013 at 11:01 am

      bj If you don’t have Note 2 definitely go Note 3 as it Comes out in just a few days. Its def going to be an amazing phone thats for sure. Great specs newest android os and good camera. my biggest hold up at this point is my Note 2 and mega 6.3. I use mega as main device and note 2 is my backup…and even though I love the note lineup I cant see any real reason to spend another 800 dollars for what will be essentially a Note 2s with 3mm larger screen and Foster benchmark #s. If I didnt own a Note 2 ld be getting Note 3 on day one to be honest. I Actually may end up getting one in a few months if 4.3 doesnt release on note 2 as I plan on getting a galaxy gear. But other than using the gear note 2 owners are basically carrying a note 3 in a different shell with better battery life. Trust me im still on the fence myself and change my mind 10 x a day haha. I dont want to make it seem like Note 3 will be a bad phone just when compared to Note 2 its such a Small difference most of the time I cant see the point of the upgrade for the money if you already have note 2.

  17. valita

    09/21/2013 at 6:15 am

    I am going to upgrade to the note 3 when it comes to us cellular, I have the note 2 and love it, but this one looks awesome, one question, does anyone know if the battery in the note has the same dimensions as the note 2, I know it’s a 3200 mah compared to the 3100 in the note 2, just curious if I’ll be able to switch out the batterys when one gets low, that would be awesome

    • ckh14

      09/21/2013 at 11:07 am

      No the physical size is slightly larger than the one in note 2. it is the identical battery from The mega 6.3. So it will not fit is note 2 nor will note 2 battery fit in note 3 unfortunately.

      • valita

        09/21/2013 at 12:52 pm

        Thanks for the reply ckh14, I’m still getting the note 3 :)

        • ckh14

          09/21/2013 at 4:22 pm

          Valita no problem…, I am on the fence myself as I absolutely love the note series and have waited almost a year for note 3…it will be amazing just like note 2 is and im not trying to sway you away from it by any means…my biggest annoyance is the just how little they improved or changed, especially in screen size…3.2 mm is such a small amount its almost irrelevant, and the fact that size and s pen are the only unique aspects of the note, weve literally lost one of the unique features as many other phones are the same size or larger…and compared to note 2 the s pen is essentially identical. The specs are average for 2013 and the tiny increase in battery from 3100maph 3200 maph vs the processor and 1080 screen will offer about 1/2 the battery life than what the note 2 the fact that aside from benchmarks in my nands on comparisons the note 2 and note 3 felt idencial in terms of soeed and performance…the design is obviously subjective and is merely an aesthetic issue, but i much prefer the note 2 look and feel and the goofy backplate can hopefully be swapped for a glossy back although the samsung rep didnt indicate for sure if they would make them or 3rd party suppliers would at the new york event…lastly the software features are already in note 2, albeit presented in a slightly different fashion…so aside from the 12.8mp camera and 4.3 software which will release on note 2 rather soon, I just cant make up my mind if I want to buy it or not. Again, I dont want to persuade you or jade your opinion but unlike the articles author I have actually had the chance to play with it for about an hour doing compairsons between my note 2 mega 6.3 and note 3 and to be honest, I was not impressed like when I had the experience at note 2 launch vs note 1.

          • valita

            09/21/2013 at 4:51 pm

            I’ve been thinking the same thing, the specs aren’t very impressive, plus I love my note 2 and I have 3 extra batterys for it and a portable samsung charger, so I never have to worry about a dead battery, i’m going to play with the note 3 before I make a decision, Thanks for all the advice, I appreciate it.

  18. rick

    09/21/2013 at 8:38 am

    im a long time iphone guy but im tired of the 4 inch screenand looks like there is nothing 5.7 inches big from apple anytime soon….so gotta go to the dark side for at least aa year…. im gonna either get the note 3 or the mega 6.3….im gonna wait to read all the note 3 reviews that will be coming out after oct 1st….i am most concerned with real world battery life of the note 3..and gotta make sure the whites are not dim or bluish or yellowish on the note 3…..otherwise ill grab the mega 6.3 ….

    • ckh14

      09/21/2013 at 11:18 am

      rick I have both mega 6.3 and note 2 and debating on getting note 3… it alI depends on what you want. mega 6.3 is the greatest device I’ve ever owned… its screen size is amazing and offers a phone and mini tablet all in one… plus its a dual core cortex a 15 based snapdragon 400 and is Super fast and smooth while getting me about 6 hours of actual screen on time a day… which is more than almost every other device out. In real world use note 3 will perform nearly identical to mega as it’s just a quad core version of the processor in the mega… really its S pen vs size… To be honest the S pen is amazing on my note 8 and 10.l inch tablets but more a novelty on 5 inch phones… for me even if I get Note 3 the mega will remain my main device as ‘it offers much more from its size than note 3 can with The S Pen and half an inch less screen. that may just be me but I cannot go back to a much smaller device i mean its hard to even use my note 2… to be honest I have only turned it on once since I got the mega in June.

      • Rick

        09/21/2013 at 4:21 pm

        Thx for reply. I wud have to get the mega. att lte 19205 version. Usa. Do you have dim bug problem? Or slow notification bar? Luv the screen size and the websites show up bigger on mega. so less scrolling.but mega may be too wide for one handed use. do like Thr pen box feature looks cool on note 3. Its like the note 2 pop up feature except its not limited to just on board videos now.
        Im thinkin the note 3 should b plenty big. And. It wil fit in my pocket easier. And it will future. get updates too
        But the mega fits in my pocket too. Ill wait til oct and then ill compare them both in the store.

        • ckh14

          09/21/2013 at 4:37 pm

          Rick, I own 2 intl mega i9205s and have zero issues with them honestly. They both perform faster and smoother than my note 2 i317 att version…as for the size, I suggest going into a store if at all possible to see but in reality the phone itself is not as large as you would imagine as the bezels are about as small as you can do while keeping structural integrity…another thing is the pop up window on note 2 can play youtube videos or multiwindow can run youtube also…at least my att note 2 can…as for note 3, I actually had the chance to do some hands on comparisons in new york and thats where my basis for my opinions come from…I just wasnt overly impressed and feel that samsung did a pretty minimal job so they have room to grow note 4 and 5…that is probably my biggest annoyance, as I mentioned in response to valita above…the specs are standard 2013 hardware, and the software can all be ported to note 2 with updates…lastly I woukd say if you like the mega, consider ordering one from europe, that way its unlocked and free of att tinkering as I habe heard the att models have some issues that the intl versions dont…the intl i9205 runs about 450 online full price whereas the att is 150 but you wait months for updates and deal with att messing around with the software, and thats never good lol…on a side note, my good friend thought the mega was too large also, but after using mine for about 20 mins he ended up ordering an i9200 and using his note 2 for a backup phone like I do…the only thing youll be missing on the intl vs att is lte…if you live in a place like I do with fast lte thats a bit of a bummer but my mega on hspa+ gets about 14mbps which is still faster than the other 3 carriers here in sw ohio, but much slower than my note 2 lte that gets around 50mbps download speeds, yet I still carry the mega as its just that good…gaming, browsing, reading, and videos are unmatched on the mega in my opinion.

  19. ken

    09/21/2013 at 5:24 pm

    Just a few comments from a non-apple fan: With the dinky low-res retina, anybody getting an iphone these days better expect to be doing just phone calls, otherwise hope apple in all its magnanimity includes a magnifying glass for anything else. Besides superior screen, Note 3’s 2.3ghz quad core Snapdragon translates into speed NOW, rather than waiting months or years for apps to be rewritten to take advantage of Tim’s reputed 64bit A7. And choosing iphone fad over galaxy functionality–got to be an epitome of illogical human quirks that even Spock would have had great trouble figuring out. At your next party when some “pseudo super cool dude” starts waving his pride-and-joy orange 5s around, whip out your note or mega and snap some photos and paint a big red heart over them, and see which colors the onlookers actually ogle over…

  20. Rick

    09/21/2013 at 5:57 pm

    I cant order from europe cuz i cant spend that much cash. So i wud have to pay 150 for att. What kind of issues have you heard about ? Also how is the mega compare to the note 2 or 3 in direct sunlight? One thing i dont like about the note 2 is the dim white color cuz of the amoled screen. Mega has whiter whites. I will for sure be checkin the white color of the note 3 to see if it is brighter than the note 2. Did u happen to notice the white color when u compared the note 2 and 3? Thx

    • ckh14

      09/21/2013 at 7:17 pm

      Yea the note 3 has the same grey whites as note 2 and the super color saturation…I like the colors but hate the odd whites that come from amoeld…the mega actually does much better in sunlight because its screen is insanely bright, with super white whites…its by far the best lcd screen ive ever seen…its almost a mix of amoled and led, as it has gorgeous coloration but extremely prisine and sharp whited…making it ideal for games and movies, especially browsing….reading text on the mega is simply astounding given the size and clarity…honestly the att version isnt anything in particular, or widespread, but I have heard about the dim bug on att…but thats not actually accurate to call it a bug…the dimming effect is actually a mechanism that kicks in when the cpu starts overheating, it dims the screen to try an cool the internals of the phone before it throttles the processor. Honestly if you like the size go with the att one then… the only issues I have heard of is a touch of lag on some megas from the amount of att apps running in the background. But other than that they’re identical. I only recommended the Intl so you get updates sooner and no att apps… but the subsidy makes it a heIl of a deal and you can disable the att bloat super easily. I didnt mean it to sound like the att megas had serious issues that not the case at all its just in general the carriers tinker with the software adding their crap but other than that they should be identical. And mega vs. Note 3 will give you much better battery life, brighter more real coloration, better Sunlight viewing, much much larger screen and similar if not identical real world speed and performance. All note 3 has is the s pen which is why mega is my main phone over note 2 and win sky even if I buy note 3. Plus if you ever want a device with true s pen use get a note 8 as it actually has the size to be useful and is extremely Fast and powerful running on note 2 identical specs. The mega and note 3 both run on the newest snapdragon Chips which are based on Arms Cortex A15 chips which are currently the most powerful processors ever made. Note 3 is merely a Quad care version of The mega dual core but what these reviewers neglect to mention is there are no apps or games that can even run on the 3rd or 4th cores making them meaningless advertising points… so that why they’ll perform essentially identical.

  21. Rick

    09/22/2013 at 2:01 am

    @ckh14. Sux. to hear thet the note 3 still has thoses grayish whites. Im used to very bright whites with my iphone 5.i was hoping theyfigured out how to make those whites pop lke all the other colors do. If i do get the mega ill have to see how often that dim feature kicks in cuz i like running full brightness for outside viewing. If it happens alot then ill prolly return it . Any suggestions for a nice slim case for the mega that will give good protection but minimal bulk? Cuz it barely fits in the pocket even without one. Thx

    • ckh14

      09/22/2013 at 12:32 pm

      The dimming screen only happens after like 40 min of really heavy 3d gaming and that’s only if it happens, plus it’s not a bad thing…. it’s so that your game keeps running full speed rather than leaving full brightness and cutting your phones power in half. As for the whites, that’s something innate to the way that amoled screens are…. the way they function…. it’s basically a trade off for true blacks and gorgeous colors. Trust me…. If your coming from an iPhone the mega will blow you away. I came from iphone to note 1 just around 2 years ago…. my girlfriend just switched to s4 from iphone 5 and has been in awe of everything she was missing out on, due to the limitation of iPhone . I still have my s4 and 5 just laying around in a drawer somewhere, and will never buy another iphone again. Plus samsung build the iPhone and nearly every part of it is samsung design, so your already using a samsung phone but without the benefit of android, up to date specs, and screens large enough to actually be beneficial. Trust me, the mega will absolutely impress you as I am impressed every time I use mine even after 3 months…. and if it’s too big the note 2 should be around the same price or cheaper now, and note 3 is dropping in about 10 days…. you couldn’t possibly be in a better position or time of switching as some of the most devices ever are available. Good luck the mega will be the one trust me I’m writing this comment to you now from it… haha .

      • yael

        09/22/2013 at 2:31 pm

        I am new to the note (3) series. I’m hoping that the battery isn’t like the s3 which isn’t the best at all. Also, any suggestions on note 3 cases?

  22. Larry

    09/22/2013 at 3:28 pm

    I have been a note series guy from the get go and I must say the guys that are commenting on the note 3 not being a worthy upgrade from the note 2 obviously havenot done their research. I have the note 2 and love this phone but the note 3 will be upgraded in almost every category. The note 3 will have a larger screen, double internal storage, more ram, improved s pen and features, faster, more energy efficient processor, faster charging and data transfer with micro usb 3.0, will be thinner and lighter, and better camera. The note 3 will have better battery life. This is not due to the small increase in battery size but the new envelope tracker chip from Qualcomm that will enable the phone to run its lte radio with dramatically less power. The Note 2 is a great phone but the Note 3 will be better in almost every way.

    • valita

      09/22/2013 at 4:24 pm

      Your making me change my mind about the note 3, I also have the note 2 and love it,after reading all the previous posts and then yours, I think I’m going to take the plunge, not getting rid of my note 2 though, I have extra battery’s and a samsung portable charger for it, i never have to worry about a dead battery, lol

      • Larry

        09/22/2013 at 6:52 pm

        I don’t blame you for not wanting to part with your note 2, it would be a top notch back up phone. I have a 12,000 mah external battery with built in flash light and it is very nice to have that kind of power. I think the Note 3 will be a pure pleasure for viewing media. I have been following the Note 3 since the release of the note 2 and I have watched all of the YouTube videos. There are some good videos out on the Note 3, several comparing the Note 2 and note 3. I can’t argue with note fans disappointed with the display size increase but the reason Samsung did not dramatically increase the display size is simple and understandable. It is simply not good for business in the long run. It is almost certain there will be a note 4 and most likely a note 5. Companies know that there is a target group of consumers who love large displays and Sony and HTC are taking advantage of this but their devices are inferior to the Note 3 in almost every other category. Samsung wants to be able to produce the best overall device each year. Sony for example, has pushed the envelope with the 6.44 inch Experia Z Ultra. This device is lacking in specs across the board vs the Note 3 with the exception of the display size. I am sure the Ultra will be popular and do relatively well but the question is, will there be an Experia Z Ultra 2 next year? Its possible but the improvements Sony would make to the hardware and software would only make it comparable with the Note 3. If they attempt to go beyond the current display size, it most likely will not do well at all. I believe the Note 5, if there is one, will be around the the same size as the Galaxy Mega 6.3. Samsung is slowly increasing the display size on the Note each year so that they can continue to offer consumers an updated complete package with each model, not just display size. You need to keep this in mind when being critical of the display size. If you love the Note 2, You will definitely love the Note 3

        • ckh14

          09/22/2013 at 7:42 pm

          And please dont confuse people about battery efficacy, or misinterpret my remarks about screen size. The new qualcomm chip does offer beneficial battery improvements over the last gen models, but the radio and wifi use about 1/15 of the battery than that of the processors which are more powerful with higher clockspeed, and about 1/50 the use of the screen. While nice the 1080 screen alone will causes drastic battery lofe decrease vs note 2. As for the size, I never wanted a 6.3 inch note, I already own 2 galaxy megas that are my main phones but they are not nearly as commercially standard at this point…If you read my conversations you would have seen that I stated a 5.99 inch screen which would only increase overall size slightly would offer appx 20% more surface area of the screen. Improving the video, browsing, and gaming experience as well as drastically improving the s pen practicality rather than it being a novelty as it stands on a 5.68 inch screen. Thats the point. You’re literally saying youd rather settle for a mediocre upgrade than major beneficial improvements due to commercial popularity of a niche device? You mention the ultra z and mega which also are niche devices, but the note lineup is by every definition a niche device, that was based on size and s pen…which it has now lost one benefit of its unique qualities now that its increased from 5.55 to 5.68 inches, so now its only the s pen differentiating it from thr rest of the pack. I have used note 3 personally and yes its a good device…is it worth upgrading if you own a note 2? In my opinion no, as it does not offer any real benefits other than the camera…everything else is either incrimental updates, software that will come to note 2, or standard specs of 2013 which only appear in benchmarks but hands on side by side with my own eyes, perform identical to note 2.

          • Larry

            09/22/2013 at 7:50 pm

            I won’t run you down man, you are a Note fan. That’s what counts. We just simply disagree

          • Kellic

            09/23/2013 at 2:58 pm

            “While nice the 1080 screen alone will causes drastic battery lofe decrease vs note 2.”

            This is a MASSIVE fallacy and am getting sick of seeing this. Higher resolution does not equate to lower battery life, especially when the CPU/GPU in the device is faster and more powerful. In point of fact it has never been resolution that impacts the battery life of most phones. #1 is usually screen size and back light….aprox the same as before. Second is usually the radios. The new LTE chipset in the Note 3 has a feature called envelope tracker. Google search it. THEN you have the CPU. You mention that because its quad core its going to….STOP….this is another fallacy based on assumptions. First off the CPU scales. Its not sitting at 2.3Ghz all the time. Actually hardly ever. So stop this that just because its clock is higher it will suck down battery life more. It won’t. Secondly those extra cores are scaled down to such low level unless they are being used they draw almost no power.

            you keep mentioning you have done your research. Go out and do more. You haven’t done enough.

        • ckh14

          09/22/2013 at 7:59 pm

          Ps larry the ultra z and note 3 have the exact same specs…snapdragon 800. I understand you may want another note 2 size note but theres many of us that were wanting something more than 3.2mm size increase and average 2013 specs

          • ckh14

            09/22/2013 at 8:03 pm

            Yea I agree…im not trying to be argumentative im simply answering honestly…after using thr note 3 in new york side by side with my note 2, fter waiting nearly a year I was disappointed by what samsung delivered. I know your looking bright side of new benefits, but in day to day real world use theyre minimal unfortunately.

      • ckh14

        09/22/2013 at 7:52 pm

        Valita, before you decide to drop 800 dollars on a phone nearly identical to one you own, that will receive the same software and 99.99% of the features. I suggest you side by side them in the store as I did at the launch in new york. Please dont listen to myself, or larry or some reviewer as most of the things larry list are just like any other average reviewer…spouting specs off a spec sheet then actimg like that equates to real world performance. ?.it doesnt. In my hands on side by side there was absolutely no difference in the speed of transition, opening or closing apps, streaming videos ect…they performed identical. Yes the camera sensor is new and 13mp but the note 8mp is one of the best on the market and not vastly different in image quality to the note 3 or s4 which I bought my gf in june, that has same camera as note 3. The battery life will be much lower than note 2, think logically if your powering a screen which drains 50 to 80% of the battery in 6 hours, doubling the amount of power needed to rum double the pixels will do what to the battery life? Cut it in half…even the rep for samsung at unpacked acknowledged this fact as a trade off for those wanting full hd vs 720p…and honestly the difference is imperceptible from 720 to 1080 even side by side. Faster processor is great for benchmarks or people like lary that rely more on spec sheets than rel world performance, but the fact is like we discussed last night, the note 2 is essentially a note 3 in a square frame and newer camera sensor. Definitely check them out side by side before you convince youself as I had, then get let down by what is actually there. My 2 cents for what its worth.

        • valita

          09/23/2013 at 5:30 am

          ckh14, i appreciate all your advice and info, it won’t be 800 dollars for me, I’m with us cellular and eligible for an upgrade, so it will be more like 300, but I am going to compare them side by side like you and larry said before I decide,Thanks.

          • ckh14

            09/23/2013 at 1:55 pm

            Valita…does us cellular do 1 year subsidies, thats awesome if so…either way you cant go wrong with either…note 2 is the best phome on the market and will be number 2 by a wide margin after note 3 releases until note 4 pushes it into the number 3 slot. Lol if or I should say when I pull the trigger on the note 3 I will undoubtedly be keeping my note 2, as it still amazes me everytime I power it on. Take it easy ckh

    • ckh14

      09/22/2013 at 7:26 pm

      Larry I appreciate your input, but I have done my research…in fact I was at the new york launch for the note 3…while note 3 is a great device…almost everything you mentioned above will either make no difference in real world performance as in more ram and new cpu…the larger screen is a difference of 3.2 mm total…the battery life will not be as good as note 2 due to the higher clocked new quad a15 chip and doubling the pixel density, without drastically increasing the battery capacity thr estimated screen on time or actucal use time is around 3 hours where note 2 is between 5 and 7 hours. The s pen uses the same wacom digitizer as note 2 and is the same software as note 2 quick command in a different ui. I own all 4 notes, note 1, note 2, note 8, and note 10.1 and have been indecisive bout note 3 as its just a minima, upgrade over note 2. I spwnt about an hour at launch with them side by side and the fact is there is not alot of odfference, and what little difference there is I mentioned in previous posts above. Trust me there is no other bigger note fan, but note 3 is nothing like the upgrade note 2 was over note 1. I will probably still pick one up, but only as a fan, not because there is any real world day to day benefits over note 2.

      • HoosierGuy

        09/23/2013 at 6:09 pm

        Point taken…repeating yourself over and over does not make your point anymore effectively.

        • ckh14

          09/23/2013 at 8:02 pm

          It was 3 converstions with 3 different people addressing different questions…but glad you got the point hoosierguy

  23. David

    09/23/2013 at 12:25 am

    5 (Some Multi-Part Questions For All of You Obviously Very Well-Read, & Well-Researched Experts: (Compliment & Not Sarcasm As This Article & These Posts Have Been The Most Honest & Constructive Critiques, I’ve Come Across Thus Far).

    1 — Note 3 Cases? As A Police Officer A Waterproof, Crushproof (or Even Rugged) Case Would Be Optimal While On The Job. Does Anyone Know If They Exist Yet? If Not, What Would You All Recommend As The Closest Match? Where Can I Find It?

    2 — Note 3 Accessories (Batteries, Cables, Chargers, Extra S-Pens) Are They Available Yet. Where Would I, or Could I Find The items?

    3 — Regarding The Micro SDHC Cards, Which Brand & “Class”, Is The Best In The 64GB Size? Specifically, Reliability & Transfer Speeds.

    4 — I Preordered My Note 3, Through AT&T, 3 Hours After The Pre-Order Window Opened. If The AT&T Website Shows Shipping October 1st, Does That Mean Arriving On My Doorstep On 10-01, or Leaving Their Warehouse Facility On 10-01? Is It shipped 2 Day Air? I’m Chompin’ At The Bit Here!!! (Strangely Enough, My Order Status Still Shows An Estimated Shipping Date As Being 09-11-13 to 09-13-13. Obviously It Did Not Ship Then, LoL!)

    5 — Lastly, As An iPhone Owner Since Its Birth, I’m About To Move Over To The Dark Side, With Absolutely ZERO Knowledge About, or Experience With, An Android Phone. I’m Not Familiar With How The Android OS Works. More Importantly, I Have ZERO Idea How I’m Going To Transfer My Contacts, My iTunes Music, & My Photo Albums From My iMac & iPhone, To My Note 3 Once It Arrives. And Doing So Quickly & Efficiently. What About Syncing My Note3 To My iMac? Any Ideas On Where I Could Go To Get Information Regarding How I Can Accomplish The Transition & Later The Syncing of My Note 3 With My iMac?

    I Apologize For This VERY Wordy Post. But I Wanted To Be Sure That I Articulated My Questions Clearly Enough.

    Than You Very Much In Advance, For Everyone’s Input & Assistance!


    • Larry

      09/23/2013 at 1:08 am

      Hi David, I powdered my note 3 as well and can’t wait to get it. I have been doing a lot of searching for accessories and there are some available but not many high quality products yet. I have always used the Otterbox Defender on my note 2 and it is an excellent case. Otterbox has some out with a case called the Armor series that is supposed to be top notch, waterproof which the defender is not. The only legitimate case that is available right now that I am aware of is the Spigen Neo Hybrid. I do not like the looks of these cases however. They do not look very protective. I would recommend buying a cheaper case now and being extra careful until the Otterbox cases become available. I contacted a representative at Otterbox and he said they should be available around the time of release. It looks like the Armor case will be about $100 and I think I am going to spend the extra money to get it vs the defender. It is worth it just for it being waterproof. I hope this helps with deciding on a case

    • Larry

      09/23/2013 at 1:35 am

      As far as memory cards go I will recommended the Samsung pro 64GB sdxc. This is a uhs-1 class 10 card. It has a 70mb/s read and 20mb/s write speed rating. I have used sandisk ultra cards and they are very reliable but they are only rated at 30mb/s read. You will pay a little more for the samsung pro but it is a much better card. It is waterproof and dust proof.

      • valita

        09/23/2013 at 5:21 am

        Thanks Larry, I have also watched every youtube video I can find on the note 3 and I can’t wait to get it, Thanks for all your info on it.

      • ckh14

        09/23/2013 at 1:35 pm

        David, i agree 100% with Larry…as of now, I have yet to see anything that compares to the otterboxes…they are undoubtedly the most durable and in your line of work I would second his recommendation fully…as for waterproof, thats tricky and I highly doubt youll find one…I may be mistaken but I have yet to come across anything other than the one time use skins that are essentially condom like latex skins that seal around the phone. Unfortunately I have never seen one for the note 2 or note 3…they may in fact exist, I cant remember the name off hand but I know they are available for the s3 and s4…but to be honest with all the ports, especially the s pen a watertight case is near impossible in my opinion, though some may eventually be develped…as for sd again I agree with larry def get a samsumg brand…I disagree on the class and type tho…as it stands, android operating system is designed to work with a class 6 sd card, up to 64gb of data storage…while you may be ok running the class 10, I have seem numerous incidents of the class 10 cards causing severe issues with the phone, and have seen many class 10 cards get formatted due to a system error caused by the insyability between the operating system and the card. In fact my girlfriends class 10 samsung card caused a serious issue with her galaxy s4, which required a complete hard reset and formatting of the s4…once we replaced her c10 card with a class 6 shes had zero issues…besides the problems you may run into, since the os is optimized for class 6, your speeds for read and write are capped so you wont see any benefit from their higher read write speeds. Hope this helps, enjoy the note 3 as you see they are amazing devices which cause some die hard loyalty and conversations. Haha

      • David

        09/23/2013 at 8:28 pm

        An SDXC or SDHC? Of Everyone I’ve Posed This Question To (OK, 3 Whole People & All From AT&T), 2 Said SDHC & 1 Said SDXC.

        Just Asking As I Know There Are Devices That Take Only The SDHC, While Others Take Only The SDXC, & Yet There Are Devices That Are Compatible With Both SDHC & SDXC.

        I Would Like To Have One When My Note 3 Arrives. But I Am Hesitant To Buy Either One For Fear of Spending Money For The Wrong One.

        What’s Your Thought?

        • ckh14

          09/24/2013 at 12:24 am

          Honestly id go sdhc since like you said not all support xc, though im sure the note 3 probably will, theres no point. The problem is that most people dont understand that the speed of these newer extreme speed cards are capped at class 6 speeds, due to the android system itself. This is why there are so many issues that arise with overclassed cards trying to run in android which cannot handle, or not support them. Buy a class 6 samsung 32 gb standars micro sd…you will get the same exact speed, which are extremely fast, with the class 6 sdhc as class 10 xc or uhs simply because of this limitation of android itself. The reason this limitation exist is because android and google have stopped supporting sd cards, but the coding still exists in the os itself, samsung simply activate and utilize this feature that google no longer supports and implement the feature into their devices. This is also why samsung itself recommend the class 6 cards for all their devices. Hope this helps clarify things for you. Theres simply no need to get one of these extreme speed cards asyou will not benefit any additional speed gains, yet will introduce problems by using a higher class or higher speed rating class 6 card than a sdhc.

    • ckh14

      09/23/2013 at 1:41 pm

      Also, I too run a macbook pro with android phones, and you should have no issues…as for itunes, this will not sync with your note 3, I suggest a software like sinuti or another itunes teansfer system, which will pull your itunes files into a open folder allowing drag and drop to your note 3 or sd card. This software will also pull any music, photos ect from your iphone to your mac then you can simply copy the files imto your sd card which will go into the note 3. Its very simple software, strait forward and easy to use, runs about 18 bucks and I used it for my ipad, 3 ipods, and 2 iphones when I jumped ship from iphone and apple monopoly to android a few years ago. Best of luck ckh

      • ckh14

        09/23/2013 at 1:50 pm

        Apparently larry has come across a waterproof case, so you may want to check out the case be mentioned, as I have never used a case on any of my notes, im recommemding the otterbox based off my best friends note 2 case. I didnt see that bit in his post so you definitely should look into I believe he mentions a watertight otterbox which my friends is not, its an open faced case. I never use cases as the gorilla glass 2 and newer gorilla glass 3 has been astounding in terms of drop and scratch resistent, at least in my use…but again In your field of work, id recommend you looking into the cases larry suggested above.

      • David

        09/23/2013 at 8:40 pm

        Where Can I Find Sinuti?

        One Last Question On This Topic (For Now, LoL). When I Use Software/Apps Like Sinuti, Does It Change iTunes Music Formats Permanently? This Is Important Because My Wife & Son Still Have Apple Devices & I Have An iPad 2. So I Can’t Alter The iTunes Music File Permanently, Making Them Useless To Them.

        What Say You? Or What Says Anyone?

        • ckh14

          09/23/2013 at 9:46 pm

          Hey david, no problem…just google sentui…sorry spellcheck changed it earlier…no it doesnt change anything with the files, it just creates a non itunes folder that is open so you can transfer all your stuff literally in 2 clicks. But your music and pics stay on the ipad and iphones and even stay in itunes…sentui just allows the access to them which itunes blocks. But it will definitely not alter the files in any way, think of it more like taking them from a locked box, and copying them into an unlocked box on your computer. If you need any help ill check back here over the next few days to see, but once you install sentui it should basically do it all for you. I hope you saw my post about sd cards, as you may run into trouble with a class 10, I recommend and have class 6 cards all samsung brand….android operating system cannot is not designed for anything higher than class 6, while larry was correct in general about class 10, as it pertains to your note 3 I recommend a 32 gb class 6 card as that plus 32 internal will be massive amount of storage and will give you no of luck ckh

          • David

            09/23/2013 at 10:18 pm

            If I Shoot A Lot of Pics & A Lot More Video, Wouldn’t I Be Better Off Having The 64 GB?

            Do You Have Multiple Cards That You Put Movies On While Traveling On A Plane?

            Can I Save DVR’ed Programming From DISH Onto A Thumbdrive & Drag It Over To My Note?

            One More Question, Do You Have Most of Your Data (i.e. Music, Documents, Photos, Apps, Etc.) On The Internal Storage or The Micro SD Card?

            I Hope I’ve Not Been A Pain With All the Questions But I’m Ready To Pull The Trigger So to Speak, I Just Wanna Make Sure I Have All of My Ducks In A Row Upon Arrival of The Phone.

            Please See My “Another Question For All of You Galaxy Gurus!” Question! Lemme Know What You Think.

            Thanks To You & Everyone On This Site For All The Help & Advice.

  24. Kellic

    09/23/2013 at 2:42 pm

    Can you say iPhone a few more times in a Samsung article? freaking iFanbois.

    • ckh14

      09/23/2013 at 2:58 pm

      Unfortunately every note 3 article I’ve seen on this site and many other sites just like it do the same thing…. like oh here’s a little info about the best phones ever the note series…. but I’d really rather talk about this generic overpriced under speced marketing campaign driven dull iphone…. that’s exactly the same as every iphone before it…. gotta be mobile more like gotta be appl…. at least there’s some good people having conversation on here.

  25. David

    09/23/2013 at 9:15 pm

    Another Question For All of You Galaxy Gurus!

    I Wanna Go To The Google Play Store & Create An App Wishlist of The iOS Apps I Have For My IPhone 5, That I Wanna Get In Android Format For The Note 3, But It Won’t Let Me Because I Don’t Have An Android Device Listed.

    Can I Create A Dummy Device So That I Can Create The Wishlist? How Would I Do That?

    If The Dummy Device Cannot Be Created, How Can I Register My Note 3 On The Google Play Store Once It Arrives?

    On Another Note (No Pun Intended. OK, I Lied) Are There Any Android Apps You Just Love & Can’t Live Without?

    Lastly, Do You Folks Download Your Android Apps Primarily From Your Phones or Can They Be Downloaded On My iMac & Then Synced To My Android?

    • ckh14

      09/23/2013 at 9:56 pm

      And no wirhout having a device you cannot trick the play store as it actually recognizes your brand and phomes type thru information stored in the device…the only option you have is to directly contact app developers and see if they are porting or creating android apps…unfortunately while a lot of developers do make both versions, there will be many that are unique to one operating system or the other. And yes I download all my apps directly from thr devixes themselves…honestly android phones, notes in particular are essentially mini computers whereas the iphone has tons of limitations and restrictions, you will be amazed at all android and note3 bring you to be honest.I had iphones for years, and switched a few years ago and was so amazed at all I had been missing using apple products. Macs are great I still have a macbook pro but apple mobile is about 1/10 of what android offers you. By the way, what apps specifically are you wanting that you havent seen in the play store, as there is usually either the same or something similar to fill the need for the most part, even tho like I said there will be some solely one or the other, but play store has freedom for developers which apple just doesnt provide so im sure youll find what you need, plua youll finally be getting all the google apps as they were intended and that alone will provide you several resources that apple has yet to match.

    • Larry

      09/23/2013 at 10:10 pm

      Those are very good questions David. You don’t have to create a dummy device. When you get your note 3 one of the first things you will do is create a Google account (email and password) or add your existing Google account to the device. This account is essentially your identity in the world of android. If you don’t already have a Google account and you want to build a favorites list in the play store, you can simply borrow another android device (phone or tablet) and create your Google account on that device. You can then go to the play store and create your list once you are signed in to your account. If you are doing this on a borrowed device, ensure that you are signed into your account so the list will be saved to your account and not someone else’s. Usually when you go to download an app, if there is more than one Google account on that device, it will ask you which account you want to use to download the app. All of the apps downloaded with your account will be saved in in a list called, My Apps. When you are finished, you can simply delete your account from the borrowed device. When you get your note 3 and add your Google account to it, you open the play store and the app list you created and apps you downloaded previously will be displayed. No matter how many devices you add your account to, your saved app data and information will be available on all of the devices. You can choone to sync all of your apps and app data to a device at once after adding your Google account to that device. This way, you don’t have to download each individual app manually one at a time on each device. I download my Apps directly from my phone and tablet but unless you have unlimited data on your mobile network, you will want to download large apps and updates to apps while on a Wifi connection so it doesn’t use your mobile data. There is a setting where you can choose to only allow apps to automatically update while you are on a Wifi connection and I strongly reccommend this because some app updates can be very large.

    • Larry

      09/23/2013 at 11:11 pm

      The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 supports micro sd, micro sdhc (high capacity), and micro sdxc (eExtreme capacity) If you don’t believe me, look it up. I have been using a class 10 card in my note 2 since shortly after their release and I have had no problems with it at all. I have heard of people having issues with class 10 cards in the galaxy s3 but they work fine in my note 2. It is only logical that since the note 2 supports these cards, the note 3 would as well.

      • ckh14

        09/24/2013 at 12:42 am

        Hey larry the issue of class 10 cards is not simply due to samsung or the note series, its due to the fact that android itslef which is the underlying os which touchwiz skins over by samsung that only supports up to class 6. Because you have not experienced problems with your card is fortunate, but you are still being capped at class 6 sd cards speeds when used in the note 2 as well as in the note 3. I have been a part of xda developers for 2 years, and have helped sort through several sd card issues on note 2, as well as newer phones including the s4, the galaxy mega, and s4 zoom. Its due to the fact that google stopped supporting sd card implementation natively in the os, and they stopped supporting native coding for class 6 cards. As I previously mentioned, you may get by using a class 10 without issue and thats definitely good id you are lucky, although personally my girlfriends class 10 in her s4, and my best friends class new 10 sdxc 70 write samsung microsd experienced the issues I mentioned. My friends card nearly bricked his note 2, (bricking is whem a severe internal problem, typically either in the kernal or root access fokder gets corrupted)… furthermore, you are are not able to utilize read write speeds beyond the capacity of a class 6. Please look into it further if you dont believe me, I have no issue with that as I am just trying to help someone avoid the problems that I have helped members of our forum, and close friends alike fix many a time. But id rather david be aware of the fact that the android source code, which is the actual operating system and root controller of the device does not support these cards. That is why samsung themselves recommend class 6 cards, and I, as well as the rest of the developers for android devices recommend them. If this was not the case obviously I wouldve backed your recommendation for class 10 which offer greater read write speeds. Ckh

  26. David

    09/23/2013 at 10:46 pm

    OK, Last Question I Have For The Night. Is There A Website or Online Resource That You Have, or Know of, That I Can Use To Follow The Steps Necessary For A Smooth Transition?

    AND What Should I Absolutely Accomplish On My iMac (Music, Documents, Pics, Etc.) Before The Phone Arrives, So That After I Activate It Upon Arrival, I Can Start Moving That Stuff Over.

    Thanks Again In Advance!

    • ckh14

      09/24/2013 at 12:54 am

      David, if you download the senuti software, you should be able to gather all your music, videos, and photos from any apple device and be ready to transver them to your sd. Depedning on what model mac you have, you may have an sd slot built into the computer which you can simply add the transfered files directly to your card. Otherwise I would suggest a usb sd card reader that allows writing to sd, which are extremely inexpensive and can be found at wal mart or any other large store with electronics. This is your easiest, cleanest bet, removing any need to ever hook your note 3 to your mac. As for 32 vs 64gb, that is up to you, just fyi, I habe 7500 songs, 10 full hd videos, 1167 photos, and 27 videos recorded from note 2, with 18gb left, and this is without using any of the 16gb of phones storage, much less the 32gb of note 3. All in all im guessing you got by with 16gb iphone if I, correct or 32 possibly and no sd…so 32gb sd plus 32gb phone storage will be more than youll ever need or want. Yes, you can check out xda forums, which I am a developer and senior member of, although its a pretty in depth technical sit, but I always recommend it as it probably has the mkdt in depth and massive amount of info for android and any device android runs on. But to be honest, there will be some learning curve coming to android, but nothing overwhelming or too difficult, my dad just made the jump from iphone 5 to s4 and it was an easy transition. In fact, he liked it so much within 3 days he went and bought note 10.1, a note tablet that I also have. Android is as easy or as complex as you want to make it, thats the true beauty of it. Goos luck ckh

  27. ckh14

    09/24/2013 at 2:31 pm

    Kellic….hahahahahahahha thanks man I needed a good laugh today…why dont you go to logs on xda, where I show the actual data from several tests ive run as well as collegues of mine on the s4 lte a with the s800 quad arm a15 chipset identical to note 3 hardware and 1080 screen…we show the dpi alterations changing the screen matrix from 1080 to 720 and showing a 42.43% increase In battery life per charge…we also show the fact that the energy efficacy of lte chips from qualcomm are very efficient, but only use 1/35 to 1/50 the energy than that of the soc, screen, or system making it a negligible gain, as lte radios of last gen only impacted the battery by .052 map per hour, basically a non issue…and while the cpu is scaled, the fact that they are appx 35% more powerful equates to more battery drainage, in every situation…theres an old adage, the more you get the more you give…the simple fact is ive been developing for android and nearly every soc over the last 2 years, with a vast amount of data catalogued for anyone to view… I hope this clarifies things, as I tried to dumb it down as much as possible so you could understand the facts….maybe next time you shoulf actually understand what your reading off the spec sheet before you try and call someone out, who obviously knows 10x more than you ever will, it only makes you look ignorant. Have a good one my man, ckh

  28. David

    09/30/2013 at 10:05 am

    CLH & Larry, My Source Tells Me That My AT&T Note 3 Will Ship 10-01 & The In-Store Sales Begin 10-04.

    That Being Said, I’ve Borrowed A Nexus 7 Mini-Tablet To Create An App Wishlist To Speed Up The Downloads of Those Apps.

    Is There ANYTHING That I Need To Accomplish Prior To My Note 3’s Arrival To Insure A Quick, Complete, & Smooth Transition? ANYTHING?

    I’ll Get The Program, Sentui, Today & Start To Work On That. Any Other Program(s) You’d Recommend? Is Sentui The Best Program For The Price?

    Some People Look At The Set-Up of A New Mobile Phone As A Hassle. But I Love It. Unfortunately Though, My Family & I Were In A Bad Car Accident Recently, And Have A Lot Going On With Doctors, Insurance Adjustors, Etc.. So I Need To Pull This Off As Completely, Effectively, & Quickly As Possible.

    Anything I’m Forgetting???

    Thanks In Advance!!!


  29. ipadcasereviewed

    09/30/2013 at 7:10 pm

    Advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Note include:
    Its large screen makes it a virtual tablet replacement. It’s great for web browsing on the go. The Galaxy Note also makes for a great e-book reader.
    The display is beautiful and bright. I enjoy watching movies on this device as well as Youtube videos.
    The extra screen real estate makes typing on the device a breeze. I can type in either portrait or landscape.
    The phone performs extremely well. This phone is not only fast but its big battery lasts all day into the next day.
    It includes an S-pen which can be used for hand written notes and for drawing.
    I find the camera works pretty well. I am pretty impressed with its photo and video recording capabilities.
    Unlike the iPad, any Android Tablet, Kindle Fire, or any other tech gadget you have, the Galaxy Note goes everywhere you go. Since it’s your phone, you are more likely not to leave it at home. I even use it along with a wallet case

  30. David

    09/30/2013 at 8:03 pm

    CKH14, Larry, (& Anyone Else), My Source Tells Me That My AT&T Note 3 Will Ship 10-01 & The In-Store Sales Begin 10-04.

    That Being Said, I’ve Borrowed A Nexus 7 Mini-Tablet To Create An App Wishlist To Speed Up The Downloads of Those Apps.

    Is There ANYTHING That I Need To Accomplish Prior To My Note 3′s Arrival To Insure A Quick, Complete, & Smooth Transition? ANYTHING?

    I’ll Get The Program, Sentui, Today & Start To Work On That. Any Other Program(s) You’d Recommend? Is Sentui The Best Program For The Price?

    Some People Look At The Set-Up of A New Mobile Phone As A Hassle. But I Love It. Unfortunately Though, My Family & I Were In A Bad Car Accident Recently, And Have A Lot Going On With Doctors, Insurance Adjustors, Etc.. So I Need To Pull This Off As Completely, Effectively, & Quickly As Possible.

    Anything I’m Forgetting???

    Thanks In Advance!!!


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