Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Date: Key Things Buyers Need to Know

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date in the United States only a few short weeks away, there are some important things that buyers need to know about Samsung’s big day.

On September 4th, Samsung finally introduced the Galaxy Note 3 to the world, ending months of speculation that had encapsulated the entire world. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch saw some things we already knew confirmed but we also saw some surprises emerge at the company’s second big launch event of the year.

While the screen size increase, Snapdragon 800 processor, multi-carrier approach, LTE data, 13MP camera and tweaked design did not come as a surprise, the fact that Samsung moved away from plastic did come as a bit of a surprise. The Galaxy Note 3 will be using a faux leather material rather than its usual polycarbonate plastic design.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will hit the U.S. in October.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will hit the U.S. in October.

Another surprise came in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date in the U.S. which was not only pegged for arrival in October but saw specific details emerge just a few short hours after the event ended.

In the past, we’ve seen American carriers hold back when it comes to specific Galaxy Note release details but this year we saw carries confirm a whole bunch of details right off the bat.

Already, we know the price points and release dates for several of the five major carriers in the United States including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. U.S. Cellular will be releasing the device in October though the carrier still hasn’t confirmed any release details. Sprint still hasn’t confirmed any of its details either, leaving buyers on the Now Network without any key details about the upcoming release.

Even with all of these details now known (and unknown), there are still some important things that Galaxy Note 3 buyers in the United States need to know before the device arrives on shelves.

Here now are several key details to have in mind before the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date.

You Don’t Need to Pre-Order

If you’re planning on picking up the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you don’t need to pre-order the Galaxy Note 3. U.S. carriers were hot out of the gates with pre-orders for the upcoming phablet, even bundling it with the Galaxy Gear companion that will be arriving alongside it.

While a pre-order is fantastic, it’s likely not going to be necessary. Samsung does a fantastic job of keeping its supply lines up and running, something that we saw in action with the Galaxy S4. What this means is that there should be significant supply available in the United States come release day, both in-stores and online.

Don't feel the need to pre-order the Galaxy Note 3 ahead of its release.

Don’t feel the need to pre-order the Galaxy Note 3 ahead of its release.

Now, we could see carriers and Samsung purposely limit supply in order to increase demand but thus far, we haven’t seen that happen and we don’t expect it to happen given the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C releases that are expected in September. Samsung needs to have supply to compete.

Something else to keep in mind is that the Galaxy Note 3 is popular, but it’s still a niche device, not as popular as a phone like the Galaxy S4. So if the Galaxy S4 stayed in stock, the Galaxy Note 3 should as well.

So don’t feel the need to order right now. Take your time in the build up to the Galaxy Note 3 release and should you decide on the device, it should be widely available in early October through both carriers and retailers alike.

No Lines on Galaxy Note 3 Release Dates

Those who wait to pick up the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on its release date shouldn’t encounter any lines when trying to do so. Android smartphones don’t attract the type of attention that iPhone launches do and in the past, we’ve seen very few people line up to buy an Android phone on launch day.

The line on Droid Bionic launch day.

The line on Droid Bionic launch day.

Again, the Galaxy Note 3 should be in supply through its release date, so there is no reason to worry about encountering lines on release day. Instead, those walking into stores should find the device in ample supply, something that likely won’t happen with the upcoming iPhone 5S.

Look for Deals

By waiting for the Galaxy Note 3 release date, buyers will expand their options with the likes of the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and LG G2. However, there is also another huge benefit.

While carriers are charging $299.99 for the Galaxy Note 3 right now, we should see retailers like Amazon and Wirefly spring into action and offer the Galaxy Note 3 for cheap. Historically, there have been release date details on devices like the Galaxy Note 3 and with competition fierce, we should see the device drop below $299.99.

How cheap is impossible to say but don’t be surprised if we see a pretty sizable chunk taken off the initial price tag, something that will benefit those that waited.

Pink Galaxy Note 3 Unlikely

With the Galaxy Note 3 launch, we saw Samsung unveil three different Galaxy Note 3 colors, white black and pink. And while the white and black options are likely going to be available across carriers on release day, those who are enamored with the pink Galaxy Note 3 should start tempering expectations.

For one, we haven’t seen the pink Galaxy Note 3 pop up anywhere, just white and black, a sign that it is most likely not going to be available when the release date arrives.

A new faux leather back for the Galaxy Note 3.

Carriers have not shown off the pink Galaxy Note 3.

Second, U.S. carriers are known to be late to new colors for their Galaxy devices, often offering exclusives. Perhaps, the pink will be an exclusive in the U.S., perhaps not, but at this point, buyers need to be prepared for a delayed pink Galaxy Note 3 release in the U.S., if one even comes at all. Remember, the pink Galaxy S4 did not arrive in the U.S.

Don’t Expect 64GB Galaxy Note 3

Finally, while buyers might be holding out for a 64GB Galaxy Note 3 in the U.S., it’s unlikely. In the past, we’ve seen one Galaxy Note model emerge and not several like the Galaxy S4. With the Galaxy Note 3, we’ve seen Samsung chop the 16GB model in favor of the 32GB and carriers are offering the 32GB model for the usual $299.99.

With the increased storage space, similar price tag and carrier history, a Galaxy Note 3 64GB release on release day is extremely unlikely and we’d be shocked if we saw one emerge at all. So those who are thinking about ordering will likely have to settle for a 32GB model with 64GB microSD support.