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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Deal Arrives Early



The first Galaxy Note 4 deal is already here, and you’ll need to lock in the $200 discount before the Galaxy Note 4 release date if you want to save big on your new Galaxy Note 4 purchase.

Best Buy offers a $200 off Galaxy Note 4 deal with the trade in of almost any working smartphone. This includes that incredibly old Android phone sitting in a drawer at home. It just needs to power on and the screen needs to be functional.

This doubles the value of devices like an original HTC One or the Nexus 4, and is an even better deal if you have an older device. The trade in doesn’t even need to be your current phone, you can buy an old smartphone on Craigslist for $25 to $40 and turn it into $200 off the Galaxy Note 4.

Head to Best Buy for the first real Galaxy Note 4 deal.

Head to Best Buy for the first real Galaxy Note 4 deal.

Of course Best Buy uses some fine print on the deal stating “Not all phones are eligible for trade-in and trade-in value may vary. Excludes phones that are cracked, water-damaged or that lack power.” When we spoke to a rep at the local Best Buy he was adamant that there are not many limitations on devices.

Although this Galaxy Note 4 deal is not an up front discount on the phone, you do get the $200 Best Buy gift card at the time of purchase, which you can use to pay for the new Galaxy Note 4.

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Best Buy offers online Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders, but this deal is only available in stores, and it is only good through October 16th, 2014. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date starts the next day on AT&T and other carriers.

You can only get this Galaxy Note 4 deal at Best Buy and only on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Best Buy does offer Verizon Edge and AT&T Next plans, which you can likely use with this deal. The fine print also includes the requirement to sign a new two-year agreement, so you need a line that is eligible for the upgrade.

See how the iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 4 comparison shapes up at your local Best Buy.

See how the iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 4 comparison shapes up at your local Best Buy.

Many Best Buy locations already offer a an opportunity to go hands on with the Galaxy Note 4 at the Samsung experience shop. This is an excellent way to experience the Galaxy Note 4’s 5.7-inch 2k display and to feel the new metal frame and soft touch back that combine to deliver a more premium feel than previous Galaxy Note devices.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features a removable back that allows users to replace the battery and includes a slot to expand the built-in 32GB storage by up to 128GB with a Micro SD card. There is a 16MP rear-facing camera with a stock camera app that includes many shooting modes and there is a 3.7-MP front-facing camera that includes an option to take wider angle selfies.

Tucked inside the Note 4 is a new and improved S Pen with greater sensitivity and users can also now enjoy new software that takes a photo of a whiteboard and turn it into an editable note so you can add your own notes to class notes or meeting notes without re-writing everything.

Te Samsung Galaxy Note 4 runs Android 4.4 with a Samsung skin on top and various special features like Multi-Window mode that lets users run two apps at once.

5 Exciting Galaxy Note 4 Cases

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S View Case

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S View Case

The official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases include a Galaxy Note 4 S View case with an opening on the front that shows notifications, the clock and other details like the weather and pedometer infromation. 

When you get a call or text it will show through the small window so you can accept or ignore. You can also activate a quick camera that takes a square photo. When you answer a call you can leave this closed to prevent grease or makeup from getting on the display. 

Samsung offers the Note 4 S View Cover in eight color options including white, smooth white, charcoal black, smooth black, gold, smooth pink, pink, plum and mint. 

The best place to buy the Galaxy Note 4 S View Case so far is MobileFun where it is $54.95 and expected to ship in 3-5 days. 



  1. Alba

    10/10/2014 at 10:31 pm

    Even I am eagerly waiting for the availability of Galaxy Note 4 that is giving tough competition to iPhone 6 plus that even failed in bedgate test. I will definitely ordered the device along with vital Multi Port USB Charger that can charge up to 6 Android as well as iOS based Smartphones with capacity of 10Amps and Power of 50W.

  2. Margo Brooder

    10/12/2014 at 5:12 am

    It’s not true that Best Buy will honor trade-in of any working smartphone. I’ve been to two Best Buys and been turned down. At the first Best Buy, I was told that I could only get the trade-uin if I bought the phone at Best Buy originally.

    At the second Best Buy, they refused to trade in either of the two working smartphones I brought them–a Motorola Droid X and a Motorola Droid Pro. The said the phones cannot have damage of any kind. (One phone had small cracks on the screen, but it works fine. The other was missing a small plastic piece at the bottom of the phone, but the screen had no cracks.)

  3. Mark Sequeira

    10/20/2014 at 5:17 pm

    The BEST BUY site asks you what type of phone you are trading in and then places a value on the device. In my case, A Thunderbolt 4G it said it was worth $10 as a trade-in. It is in pristine shape.

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