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New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rumors Share Important Details



New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumors not only point to the exact screen size of Samsung’s rumored Galaxy Note 3 successor but they also point to the screen resolution and it looks like the Galaxy Note 4 display could potentially best the display that is on the current version of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S5.

Two of the year’s biggest names, the Apple iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 appear to be on a collision course this fall. And while neither device is official, rumors have been detailing the two rivals on a very regular basis, teasing features, launch windows and more. Both devices appear to be high-powered successors and today, we’ve learned a little more about what could be on board the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 when it arrives to battle the iPhone 6 and other high-end smartphones later on this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumors have been flying around for months. They’ve hinted at everything from the processor to its launch date to its design. And while we’re still a long ways away from a launch, it’s not expected to arrive until the fall, potential features continue to fall in place. Today, for instance, we’re hearing more about the display that could be on board.


The latest leak comes from GSMArena and it details supposed Galaxy Note 4 display details. The site claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 display will be the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s. The Galaxy Note 3 employs a 5.7-inch display, .6-inches bigger than the 5.1-inch Samsung Galaxy S5.

In years past, Samsung has pushed the size of the display up .2-inches though it appears that it could stop that yearly increase with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Furthermore, the site claims that the display will unsurprisingly feature QHD 1,440 x 2,560 resolution. LG is expected to debut a QHD resolution display on its LG G3 flagship and Samsung is expected to tack one on to its rumored Samsung Galaxy S5 “Prime” that will supposedly arrive this summer.

The report does not mention any other details. Rumors have pointed to a possible three-sided “bent” display and Samsung officials continue to hint at the possibility. The company is known for killing off features in testing though which means that the screen size, resolution and screen type are far from confirmed. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumors will likely continue to evolve as Samsung weeds out features in the lab.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy Note 3 -  Cameras

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumors suggest a handful of other upgrades as well including an improved processor, LTE-Advanced capabilities, 32GB of storage space, and a release across major carriers in the United States including AT&T and Verizon.

While Samsung hasn’t confirmed the device outright, it claims that it will release a brand new Galaxy Note model this fall alongside new wearable technology. Rumors thus far have pointed to the arrival of a Google Glass competitor but that, for the moment, remains unconfirmed.

The iPhone 6 screen sizes come into focus as reports firm up on the size and the resolution.

The iPhone 6 screen sizes come into focus as reports firm up on the size and the resolution.

A specific Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch date also remains out of reach though rumors, and history, point to an arrival in early September at IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany. IFA was the site for the past three Galaxy Note launches and it’s expected to be the launch pad for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

If the rumors are true, the Galaxy Note 4 launch and iPhone 6 launch could take place within days of each other. iPhone 6 release date rumors point to an arrival in September as well. The iPhone 6 is expected to carry a 4.7-inch display with higher resolution into battle. It’s also rumored to have a 5.5-inch option, an option that would certainly put the pressure on Samsung to deliver with its Galaxy Note 4.

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