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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rumor Roundup & Breakdown



The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 remains the go-to smartphone for those that want to pair a massive screen with a unique stylus but it won’t stay that way forever. Samsung itself has already confirmed a new Samsung Galaxy Note for arrival later this year and here, we take a look at five key details consumers need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

In August, Samsung confirmed that it would announce its brand new Galaxy Note in early September at an Unpacked Episode 2 event that landed during IFA 2013 in Berlin, Germany. That device would up being the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a powerful smartphone and one that continues to rank amongst the best devices on the market.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a solid smartphone and one that will remain a solid option for most of 2014 thanks to its powerful hardware, its unique software which now includes Android 4.4 KitKat, and a price tag that will only continue to get better. In the smartphone world, all good things come to an end and at some point, the Galaxy Note 3, like the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note before it, will reach the end of its life and get replaced by something new.

That something new is rumored to be a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, a device that we’ve already heard a lot about thanks to loose lipped Samsung executives and reports that suggest an array of possible features. In the past few weeks, we’ve even seen some Samsung Galaxy Note 4 details start to align.

As consumers start to weigh their options which should include Samsung’s brand new Galaxy S5, we want to take a look at the key things to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the device that should join the Galaxy S5 on shelves later on this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release

Those that will be in the hunt for a new smartphone this year should know that all signs point to a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch and release in the second half of the year. More specifically, they point to a launch and release sometime this fall.

In the past two weeks, we’ve seen two Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release details emerge. According to IT Today, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will arrive later this year, something that lines up with what we’ve already heard about the Galaxy S5’s release date. In January, for instance, a Samsung executive confirmed the Galaxy S5 for spring and the new Galaxy Note for fall.


Rumors were already trending toward the fall before Samsung’s JK Shin reportedly confirmed the Samsung Galaxy Note 4′s release for the fall. His remarks, which were picked up by KBench, suggest that it will be business as usual for the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Consumers who are interested in the new Galaxy Note 4 should, at this point, have the first week of September circled on the calendar. IFA 2014 kicks off on September 5th and there is a very good chance that we’ll see the Galaxy Note 4 arrive at an Unpacked Episode 2 event in and around that date. How did we reach that conclusion? Simple:

  • The Galaxy S5 Unpacked event was titled “Episode 1” which means that there will almost certainly be at least one other episode.
  • Samsung has launched all three of its Galaxy Note models at or just ahead of IFA.
  • Every single Galaxy Note 4 release rumor points to the fall.

The timing makes sense. The Galaxy Note always arrives in the fall and it helps Samsung position against  a new iPhone ahead of the holiday shopping season. If the Galaxy Note 4 is a solid upgrade, the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 could serve as a potentially lethal one-two punch late in the year.

Circle September 1st, September 2nd, September 3rd, September 4th, and September 5th on the calendar. These are key dates in regard to the Galaxy Note 4 launch.

As for the release, well, that’s not as specific. Samsung typically releases its devices about a month or so after launch so we would expect the Galaxy Note 4 to arrive in September or October, just like the last two devices.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumors currently point to a design that features at least one feature in common with the Samsung Galaxy S5. The same report from IT Today claims that the Galaxy Note 4 will come with an IP 67 resistant design. For those that aren’t familiar with the terminology, it means that the device could possesses the same dust and water resistant qualities found on Samsung’s new Galaxy S. This is actually the second time that we’ve heard that the Galaxy Note 4 design would feature these qualities.

An early Galaxy Note 4 rumor also suggested that the Galaxy Note 4 design would come with a fingerprint sensor for added security. Lo and behold, the Galaxy S5 design features a fingerprint reader embedded inside of the home button.

Use the fingerprint reader to secure the Galaxy S5.

Use the fingerprint reader to secure the Galaxy S5.

While both features are possibilities, there are two things that prospective Galaxy Note 4 buyers need to keep in mind. The first is that Samsung runs a tight ship. While features do eventually leak out, designs typically do not. For instance, the Galaxy Note 3 design was a mystery heading into September’s event. The Galaxy S5’s design was also a bit of a mystery as rumors suggested a plastic design in addition to a metal one. The plastic rumors were dead on but they were not specific.

The second thing to keep in mind is that the Galaxy Note 4 is probably still comprised of a bunch of moving parts. Samsung tests its products ahead of their release and typically, we hear about several possible prototypes. It’s similar to what we’re seeing right now from the iPhone 6. Companies test out different models before deciding on a final one for release.

Samsung Galaxy S5 HERO

So why does this matter? Well, what it means is that while Samsung might be thinking about putting an IP 67 design on the Galaxy Note 4, it doesn’t mean that that feature will arrive on board. Same goes for the features that we will surely hear about in the buildup to the Galaxy Note 4’s launch later on this year.

This is important to keep in mind because it will help to set expectations during the year as more and more Galaxy Note 4 rumors pop up ahead of launch.


Other Galaxy Note 4 rumors remain scarce. A rumor out of Bloomberg suggests that Samsung is at least contemplating putting a three-sided “bent” display on the Galaxy Note 4, something that would provide better viewing angles on the company’s massive smartphone.

There are also rumors out there that suggest that Samsung is trying to put a QHD display on board a device later this year. QHD resolution was rumored for the Galaxy S5’s display but ultimately, the company went with a full HD 1080p display for its upcoming flagship smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy Note 3 - 4-L

Once again, while these rumors are certainly credible given what we know about Samsung’s plans for 2014 and given that the company already produced a Galaxy Round smartphone with a curved display. However, consumers should proceed with caution. Like the design, these pieces are moving parts that will depend on a number of variables including testing, cost, sourcing and production.

In other words, as of right now, the only sure thing when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is its launch in the fall. Everything else is subject to change.

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